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Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos  320kbp/s
[Image: demis_roussos.jpg]

1- On the Greek Side of My Mind
2- She Came Up from the North
3- Good Days Have Gone
4- We Sh
5- I Know I'll Do It Again
6- Fire and Ice
7- End of the Line
8- My Blue Ship's A-Sailin'
9- Mountains Beyond
10- O My Friends You've Been Untrue to Me
11- Lord of the Flies
12- Without You
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Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection  320kbp/s
[Image: 27668163_d4349a0bf2c13069b9d35fbfa61b8a97.jpg]

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/001. Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/002. Goodbye My Love Goodbye.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/003. Can't Say How Much I Love You.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/004. When Forever Has Gone.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/005. Forever And Ever.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/006. Sing An Ode To Love.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/007. So Dreamy.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/008. My Friend The Wind.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/009. I Dig You.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/010. Velvet Morning.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/011. My Only Fascination.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/012. From Souvenirs To Souvenirs.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/013. Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/014. We Sh

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/015. Lovely Lady Of Arcadia.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/016. My Reason.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/017. Rebecca.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/018. Because.mp3

Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/019. Rain And Tears.mp3
Demis Roussos - Super Hits Collection/020. She Came Up From The North.mp3
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Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits
[Image: Demis_Roussos_Greatest_Hits.jpg]
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits

Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/01-we_sh
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/02-my_reason.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/03-for_ever_and_ever.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/04-goodbye_my_love_goodbye.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/05-my_friend_the_wind.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/06-velvet_mornings.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/07-lovely_lady_of_arcadia.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/08-someday_somewhere.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/09-my_only_fascination.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/10-sing_an_ode_to_love.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/11-perdoname.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/12-from_souvenirs_to_souvenirs.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/13-happy_to_be_an_island_in_the...mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/14-mourir_aupres_de_mon_amour.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/15-ainsi_soit-il.mp3
Demis Roussos-Greatest Hits/16-lost_in_love.mp3

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Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination
[Image: Demis_Roussos_My_Only_Fascination.jpg]
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination

Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/01-my_only_fascination.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/02-white_sails.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/03-marlene.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/04-say_you_love_me.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/05-smile.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/06-someday_somewhere.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/07-lovely_lady_of_arcadia.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/08-shadows.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/09-reverie.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/10-we_pretend.mp3
Demis Roussos-My Only Fascination/

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Demis Roussos -Magic
[Image: Demis_Roussos_Magic.jpg]

Demis Roussos -Magic

Demis Roussos -Magic/01-mourir_aupres_de_mon_amour_because.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/02-time_and_tide.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/03-maybe_forever.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/04-my_face_in_the_rain.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/05-i_dig_you.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/06-margarita.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/07-let_it_happen.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/08-bambina.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/09-day-o.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/10-sister_emilyne.mp3
Demis Roussos -Magic/11-before_the_storm.mp3

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Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever
[Image: Demis_Roussos_Forever_And_Ever.jpg]
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever

Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/01-forever_and_ever.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/02-my_friend_the_wind.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/03-my_reason.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/04-lay_it_down.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/05-lovely_sunny_days.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/06-lost_in_a_dream.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/07-velvet_mornings.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/08-rebecca.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/09-when_i_am_a_kid.mp3
Demis Roussos-Forever And Ever/10-goodbye_my_love_goodbye.mp3

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Demis Roussos- Souvenirs
[Image: Demis_Roussos_Souvenirs.jpg]
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs

Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/01-sing_an_ode_to_love.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/02-midnight_is_the_time_i_need_yo.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/03-ill_be_your_friend.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/04-action_lady.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/05-winter_rains.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/06-from_souvenirs_to_souvenirs.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/07-trying_to_catch_the_wind.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/08-white_wings.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/09-tell_me_now.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/10-names.mp3
Demis Roussos- Souvenirs/11-perdoname.mp3

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Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection
[Image: milenijum.jpg]
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection

Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/01. From Souvenirs To Souvenirs.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/02. Forever And Ever.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/03. My Friend The Wind.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/04. Nams.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/05. Rrin And Tears.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/06. End Of The World.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/07. Mary Was An Only Child.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/08. F
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/09. So Dreamy.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/10. Margarita.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/11. Bambina.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/12. Shadows.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/13. We Pretend.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/14. End Of The Line.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/15. We Sh
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/16. Lost In A Dream.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/17. Velvet Mornings.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/18. Sisters Emeline.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/19. Too Many Dreams.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Millenium Collection/20. Good Bye My Loye Good Bye.mp3

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Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits
[Image: Demis_Roussos_Greatest_Hits.jpg]
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits

Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/01. From Souvenirs To Souvenirs.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/02. Goodbye my love goodbye.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/03. My Friend The Wind.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/04. I'll Be Your Friend.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/05. Velvet Mornings.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/06. My Reason.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/07. With you.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/08. Action Lady.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/09. Follow me.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/10. Forever And Ever.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/11. Happy to be on an island in the sun.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/12. Island of love.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/13. Lovely lady of arcadia.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/14. Marie jolie.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/15. My only fascination.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/16. Perdoname.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/17. Rain and tears.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/18. Senora (Ineed you).mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/19. Time.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/20. When forever has gone.mp3
Demis.Roussos - Greatest Hits/21. Winter Rains.mp3

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Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits
[Image: Demis_Roussos_Greatest_Hits_2_CD_2010.jpg]

Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1

Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/01. We Sh
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/02. My Reason.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/03. Forever And Ever.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/04. Goodbye My Love Goodbye.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/05. Rain And Tears.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/06. Someday Somewhere.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/07. My Only Fascination.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/08. From Souvenirs To Souvenirs.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/09. When Forever Has Gone.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/10. Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/11. My Friend The Wind.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/12. Lovely Lady Of Arcadia.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/13. Velvet Mornings.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/14. Perdoname.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/15. Such A Funny Night.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/16. It's Five O'Clock.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/17. I Want To Live.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/18. Marie Jolie.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/19. Spring Summer Winter And F
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/20. No Way Out.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/21. With You.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits CD1/22. Auf Wiederseh'n.mp3

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Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2

Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/01. Kyrila.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/02. Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/03. Life In The City.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/04. Loin Des Yeux, Loin Du Coeur.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/05. Lost In Love.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/06. Race To The End.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/07. Lament.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/08. Follow Me.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/09. Island Of Love.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/10. Summer In Her Eyes.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/11. Ave Maria.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/12. Quand Je T'aime.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/13. Time.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/14. On Ecrit Sur Les Murs.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/15. Eleni.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/16. La Mer.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/17. Santa Lucia.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/18. Bella Notte.mp3
Demis.Roussos- Greatest Hits  CD2/19. Love Is.mp3

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