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Magic Slim-Mega Hitovi

Magic Slim-Mega Hitovi
[Image: slimmmmmmm1.jpg]
Magic Slim-Mega Hitovi CD 1

Magic Slim - Bad Boy 
Magic Slim - Before you accuse me 
Magic Slim - Black Tornado 
Magic Slim - Can't Get No Grindin' 
Magic Slim - Carla 
Magic Slim - Chickenheads 
Magic Slim - Country Joyride 
Magic Slim - Crazy Woman 
Magic Slim - Crosseyed Cat 
Magic Slim - Cryin' Won't Let You Stay 
Magic Slim - Down in Virginia 
Magic Slim - Evil Woman Blues 
Magic Slim - Full Load Boogie 
Magic Slim - Get your business straight 
Magic Slim - Give Me Back My Wig 
Magic Slim - Hole In The W
Magic Slim - How m
Magic Slim - I Can't Hold Out 
Magic Slim - I Need Lovin' 
Magic Slim - I Started Loving You Again 
Magic Slim - I'm Gonna Send You Back To Georgia 
Magic Slim - It's Alright 
Magic Slim - Jealous Man 
Magic Slim - Just Before You Go 
Magic Slim - Let Me Love You 
Magic Slim - Lonely For Your Love 
Magic Slim - Lookin' For A Lover 
Magic Slim - Love Like I Wanna 
Magic Slim - Magic Boogie 
Magic Slim - Matchbox Blues 
Magic Slim - Mustang S
Magic Slim - Older Woman 
Magic Slim - Part Time Love 
Magic Slim - Playin With My Mind 
Magic Slim - Please don't dog me 
Magic Slim - Scufflin' 
Magic Slim - Someone Else Is Steppin' In 
Magic Slim - Spider In My Stew 
Magic Slim - Still a Fool 
Magic Slim - Sunrise Blues 
Magic Slim - Think 
Magic Slim - Treat Me The Way You Do 
Magic Slim - What Is It That You Got 
Magic Slim - What's wrong 
Magic Slim - Young Man's Blues 
Magic Slim - You've Got Bad Intentions 
Magic Slim- 4.59 a.m 
Magic Slim- Black Tornado 
Magic Slim Breaking Up Somebody's Home 
Magic Slim- Champagne and Reefer 
Magic Slim- Cum
Magic Slim- Do You Mean It
Magic Slim- Down In Virginia
Magic Slim- Gambling Blues
Magic Slim- Get Your Business Straight
Magic Slim- Girl What You Want Me To Do
Magic Slim- Goin' to MIssissippi
Magic Slim- Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Magic Slim- Goin'To Mississippi
Magic Slim- Gonna Move To Kansas City
Magic Slim- Hard Luck Blues
Magic Slim- House Cat Blues
Magic Slim- How Much More Long
Magic Slim- I Can't Trust My Woman
Magic Slim- I Got Money
Magic Slim- I'm A Bluesman
Magic Slim- I'm Gonna Get You Babe
Magic Slim- I'm Not The Same Person
Magic Slim- Iwant To See You In The Evening
Magic Slim- Lonely Man
Magic Slim- Loving You Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
Magic Slim- Mama Talk To Your Daughter
Magic Slim- Mind your own business
Magic Slim- Playin' with my
Magic Slim- Room 109
Magic Slim- Scufflin'
Magic Slim- Shame
Magic Slim- Sunny Road Blues
Magic Slim- Wake Me Up Early
Magic Slim You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
Magic Slim- You Got To Pay

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Magic Slim - A'int That Nice 
Magic Slim - Bad Avenue 
Magic Slim - Bad Luck 
Magic Slim - Before You Accuse Me 
Magic Slim - Black Tornado 
Magic Slim - Can't Get No Grindin' 
Magic Slim - Cold Women With Warm Hearts 
Magic Slim - Come On In This House 
Magic Slim - Come On Pretty Baby 
Magic Slim - Country Boy 
Magic Slim - Country Girl 
Magic Slim - Gambler 
Magic Slim - Get Your Business Straight 
Magic Slim - Goin' To Mississippi 
Magic Slim - Hard To Handle 
Magic Slim - I Don't Believe You Baby 
Magic Slim - I Got Money 
Magic Slim - I'm A Bluesman 
Magic Slim - I'm A Stranger 
Magic Slim - It's All Right 
Magic Slim - Little Red Rooster 
Magic Slim - Lonesome Trouble 
Magic Slim - Lump on Your Stump 
Magic Slim - Mama Talk To Your Daughter 
Magic Slim - Mary Lee 
Magic Slim - Mind Your Own Business 
Magic Slim - Mustang Sally 
Magic Slim - Please Don't Dog Me 
Magic Slim - Please Don't Waste My time 
Magic Slim - Pretty Girls Everywhere 
Magic Slim - Scufflin' 
Magic Slim - Shake It 
Magic Slim - She Moves Me 
Magic Slim - Slim's Hideaway 
Magic Slim - Snakebite 
Magic Slim - So Easy To Love You 
Magic Slim - Still A Fool 
Magic Slim - The Man You Need 
Magic Slim - The Moon Is Full 
Magic Slim - Think 
Magic Slim - What's Wrong
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - I Can't Hold Out
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - If You Got To Love Somebody
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Look On Yonder Wall
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Loving You
Magic Slim .Lonnie Brooks - Bewitched
Magic Slim .Lonnie Brooks - I Want All My Money Back
Magic Slim- Bad Luck Is Fallin'
Magic Slim- Built For Comfort
Magic Slim- Chapel Hill Boogie
Magic Slim- Further On Up The Road
Magic Slim- Gravel Road
Magic Slim- I Ain't Lookin' for No Love
Magic Slim- I Need Lovin'
Magic Slim If It's Too Late (Nick Holt Vc)
Magic Slim I'm A Man
Magic Slim- I'm Good
Magic Slim In The Heart Of The Blues
Magic Slim- Key to Your Door
Magic Slim- Love My Baby
Magic Slim- Meet Me In My Own Hometown
Magic Slim Mustang Sally
Magic Slim- Please Don't Dog Me
Magic Slim- Prisoner Of Love
Magic Slim- Shake It
Magic Slim- The Man You Need
Magic Slim Walking Whole Night Long
Magic Slim Worried Life Blues
Magic Slim.Lonnie Brooks - Eyeballing
Magic Slim.Lonnie Brooks - In The Dark
Magic Slim.Lonnie Brooks - Trading Post
Magic Slim.Lonnie Brooks - Two Headed Man
Magic Slim.Son Seals & The Chicago Fire Band - Come Back To Me
Magic Slim.Son Seals & The Chicago Fire Band - Don't You Lie To Me
Magic Slim.Son Seals & The Chicago Fire Band - Every Day I Have The Blues
Magic Slim.Son Seals & The Chicago Fire Band - I Can't Hold Out
Magic Slim.Son Seals & The Chicago Fire Band - Look Now, Baby
Magic Slim.Son Seals & The Chicago Fire Band - The Sun Is Shining
Magic SlimDon't Tell Me About Your Trouble

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

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