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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock

Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock320kbp/s
[Image: ROCKK-1.jpg]

Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock CD 1

Gary Moore amp BB King -Since I Met You Baby
Guitar Pete -Do You Hear The Rain
Jim Suhler amp Monkey Beat -Bones in the Closet
Jim Suhler And Monkey Beat-Bad News
Jim Suhleramp Monkey Beat-Mexicali Run
Jim Suhleramp 
Keb Mo-You can love yourself
Magic Slim-Hey Baby Cant You See What Youre Doin to Me 
Microwave Dave-Dont Throw My Baby 
STU HEYDON 2009 -Loves Gone
Alex Jenkins The Bombers-Back In My Arms Again
Alex Jenkins The Bombers-Creepin After Midnight
Alex Jenkins The Bombers-Look What The Cat Dragged In
Alex Maryol-Prayer Song
Alex Maryol-Take These Blues Away
American Blues Box-Biscuit Bakin Mama
American Blues Box-Killing Time
American Blues Box-Mississippi Mud
American Blues Box-Rattle My Bones
American Blues Box-Red Hot Lover
American Blues Box-Shake Your Tree
American Blues Box-Some Kind Of Wonderful
American Blues Box-Unconditional Love
American Blues Box-When You Were Young
American Blues Box-When You
American Blues Box-Whiskey and Water
American Blues Box-Whiskey 
Anthony Gomes - Brand New Day
-Anthony Gomes - Hard Year For The Blues
ANTHONY GOMES 2012 Up2zero-Room 
ANTHONY GOMES 2012 Up2zero-Up 2 Zero
ANTHONY GOMES BAND -Hard Year For The Blues
ANTHONY GOMES BAND -Misery For Company
Anthony Gomes Band-Bad Luck Child
Anthony Gomes Band-Blues In Technicolor
Anthony Gomes Band-Gonna Have A Party
Anthony Gomes Band-High Calorie Woman
Anthony Gomes Band-Loves Got The Power
Anthony Gomes Band-Monday Kinda Tuesday
Anthony Gomes Band-Outta The Cathouse
Anthony Gomes Band-Shame On You
Anthony Gomes Band-Wolf In My Henhouse(
Anthony Gomes-Anywhere You Run
Anthony Gomes-Back To The Start
Anthony Gomes-Back To The  
Anthony Gomes-Bad For You
Anthony Gomes-Blindog
Anthony Gomes-Bluebird
Anthony Gomes-Darkest Before The Dawn
Anthony Gomes-Everyday Superstar
Anthony Gomes-Fly Away
Anthony Gomes-Hard Line To Ride
Anthony Gomes-If You Could Rule The World
Anthony Gomes-Last Bluesman Gone
Anthony Gomes-Lonely At The Bottom
Anthony Gomes-Love Sweet Love
Anthony Gomes-Nabandonne Pas 
Anthony Gomes-Now Shes Gone
Anthony Gomes-One Last Time 
Anthony Gomes-Rebel Highway
Anthony Gomes-Room 414(
Anthony Gomes-Testify
Anthony Gomes-Unit
Anthony Gomes-Voodoo Moon
Anthony Gomes-War On War
Berdon Kirksaether - Conrad's B
Berdon Kirksaether - Downtown Jungle 
Berdon Kirksaether - Easy Rider
Berdon Kirksaether - It's a Rough Ride We're On
Berdon Kirksaether - Losing Ground 
Berdon Kirksaether - Reconsider Boogie 
Berdon Kirksaether - Roll the Dice 
Berdon Kirksaether- Dealing Hand
Berdon Kirksaether- I Ain't Got Nobody
Berdon Kirksaether- Walk On 
Bernard Allison 2008-ChillampThrils
Bernard Allison Group-Chills amp Thrills
Bernard Allison Group-I Wouldnt Treat A Dog 2010
Bernard Allison Group-Leavin The Bayou
Bernard Allison Group-Rocket 88
Bernard Allison Group-Slide Master
Bernard Allison Group-Tired of Tryin
Bernard Allison Group-Youre Hearting 
Bernard Allison Group-Youre Hearting Me
Bernard Allison Larry McCray Carl Weathersby amp Lucky Peterson-Bottle Of Whiskey
Bernard Allison Larry McCray Carl Weathersby amp Lucky Peterson-Good To Me
Bernard Allison-Bad Love
Bernard Allison-BAs Knocking At Your Door
Bernard Allison-Fist Full Of Dirt
Bernard Allison-Garbage Man
Bernard Allison-Help Me Through The Day
Bernard Allison-I Think I Love You Too Much
Bernard Allison-I Want to Get You Back
Bernard Allison-Im Playing For You
Bernard Allison-Just Do Me Any Way You Want
Bernard Allison-Just My Guitar And Me
Bernard Allison-Life Is A Bitch
Bernard Allison-Mai
Bernard Allison-Mean Town Blues
Bernard Allison-Serious
Bernard Allison-Speed Slide
Bernard Allison-Storms Of Life
Bernard Allison-The Way Love Was Meant To Be
Bernard Allison-Woman Named Trouble(
Bernard Allison-Young Boys Blues
bernie marsden - day and night
bernie marsden - down home blues
bernie marsden - dynaflow
bernie marsden - funny people
bernie marsden - hear the ball
bernie marsden - if you be my baby
bernie marsden - love that burns
bernie marsden - man of the world
bernie marsden - merry go round
bernie marsden - messing with the kid toooooooooo
bernie marsden - pick it up
bernie marsden - place in my heart
bernie marsden bernie shaw - here i go again
bernie marsden mick moody - someday
bernie marsden-ian gillan - south africa
bernie marsden-ian gillan - john
bernie marsden-micky moody - ill sing the blues for you
Big Bill Morganfield-Dead Ass Broke
Big Bill Morganfield-Dirty Dealin Mama
Big Bill Morganfield-Dont Want To See You Go TOOOO
Big Bill Morganfield-Evil
Big Bill Morganfield-High Gas Prices
Big Bill Morganfield-Highway 69
Big Bill Morganfield-Im Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Big Bill Morganfield-My Doggys Got The Blues
Big Bill Morganfield-Peace Of Mind
Big Bill Morganfield-Roll With Me
Big Bill Morganfield-shes nineteen years old
Big Bill Morganfield-Tight Things
Big Bill Morganfield-Too Late Brother
Big Bill Morganfield-Youre Gonna Miss Me Feat Taj Mahal
Big Bill Morganfield-Youve Got The Nerve Of A Bras
big george brock - arkansas to memphis
big george brock - cut you loose
big george brock - i just want to make love to you
big george brock - mattson miss
big george brock - no no baby
big george brock - poor boy
big george brock - so long
big george brock - tin pan alley
Big Gilson amp The Wolf With Blues Dynamite-Bring It Back Home
Big Gilson amp The Wolf With Blues Dynamite-Im Tore Down
Big Gilson amp The Wolf With Blues Dynamite-Ramshackle Town)
Big Gilson amp The Wolf With Blues Dynamite-Whats Wrong With That
Big Gilson-I Wonder Who
Bootleggers- High On The Mountain 
Bootleggers- I'm Afraid 
Bootleggers- Out Of Habit
Brad Russell-Brothers feat Kevin Russell amp Gregg Bissonette
Brian Robertson-Blues Boy TOOO
Brian Robertson-Devil In My Soul
Brian Robertson-Diamonds And Dirt
Brian Robertson-Do It Till We Drop Drop It
Brian Robertson-Its Only Money
Brian Robertson-Mail Box
Brian Robertson-Passion

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock CD 2

Big Pete Featuring Shawn Pittman-I Was Fooled 
Big SugarMaggie Reilly-Everytime We 
Big Sugar-Standing Around Crying
Big Sugar-Still Waitin
Bill 39Howl-n-Madd39 Perry- A Shot Of Whiskey
Bill Howl-n-Madd Perry-I Got The Blues
BILL PERRY - Another Man-BILL PERRY - Another Man
Bill Perry - Leavin39 Home
Bill Perry-Big Ass Green Van(
Bill Perry-Bluesman
Bill Perry-Bluesman
Bill Perry-Can39t Afford To Die
Bill Perry-Crazy Kind Of Life(
Bill Perry-Darkness Of Your Love
Bill Perry-Fade To Blue
Bill Perry-Fire It Up
Bill Perry-Gettin39 Down
Bill Perry-Going Down To Memphis
Bill Perry-Gotta Serve Somebody
Bill Perry-I39m Leaving You
Bill Perry-In my lonely room
Bill Perry-Itchin For It
Bill Perry-Itchin39 For It
Bill Perry-Morning Spiritual
Bill Perry-My Baby Loves To Dance
Bill Perry-Pressure
Bill Perry-Sneaking Around
Bill Perry-Thinkin39 Of You
Bill Perry-Til The Money Runs Out
Bill Perry-Too Hot
Bill Perry-Trouble In The Shotgun
Bill Perry-Trust In You
Bill Perry-Your Smil
Bill Perry-Your Smile
Billy TK Jnr - Hideaway
Billy TK Jnr - Little Wing 
Billy TK Jnr - Love Me All Over
Billy TK Jnr - Which Way Is Up 
Billy TK Jnr- Bubba Rhumba 
Billy TK Jnr- Flyin' Kiwi Shuffle (Waitara Shuffle)
Billy TK Jnr- G String Swing
Billy TK Jnr- In The Middle Of The Night 
Billy TK Jnr- Phonebooth 
Billy TK Jnr- Stevies Good Night Blues 
Billy Boy Arnold amp Tony McPhee-Blue And Lonesome TOOO 
Billy Boy Arnold and Tony McPhee-Catfish
Billy Boy Arnold with Tony McPhee amp the Groundhogs-Dirty Mother PRVOOOO 
Billy Boy Arnold with Tony McPhee amp the Groundhogs-Dont Stay Out All Night TOOOOO 
Billy Boy Arnold With Tony McPhee amp The Groundhogs-Just A Dream TOOOO 
Billy Boy Arnold-1000 Dollar Bill
Billy Boy Arnold-Ahw Baby - vkcomomvision
Billy Boy Arnold-Black Gal Blues
Billy Boy Arnold-Fine Young Girl
Billy Boy Arnold-I Done Got Over It
Billy Boy Arnold-Its Great To Be Rich
Billy Boy Arnold-Lets Work It OutTOOOOO 
Billy Boy Arnold-Me and Piney Brown TOOOO 
Billy Boy Arnold-Move on down the road
Billy Boy Arnold-My Little Machine TOOOO 
Billy Boy Arnold-New Jail House Blues tooooo
Billy Boy Arnold-Riding The El
Billy Boy Arnold-Rockinitus
Billy Boy Arnold-Shake Your Hips
Billy Boy Arnold-Somebody Help Me
Billy Boy Arnold-Sunday Morning Blues
Billy Boy Arnold-Sweet Miss Bea
Billy Boy ArnoldTony McPhee amp the Groundhogs-Blue and Lonesome
Billy Boy Arnold-Whiskey Beer And Reefer
Billy Branch amp Hubert Sumlin-Hubert Sumlin amp John Primer - Real Far Away
Billy C Farlow-A Little Meat On The Side
Billy C Farlow-A Little 
Billy C Farlow-Black Lazarus
Billy C Farlow-Don39t It Get Lonely(
Billy C Farlow-Dont It Get Lonely
Billy C Farlow-Drive Me Like A Mule
Billy C Farlow-Drive
Billy C Farlow-Good Rockin Mama
Billy C Farlow-Good Rockin39 Mama
Billy C Farlow-Good Whiskey Bad Women
Billy C Farlow-Howlin39 At The Delta Moon
Billy C Farlow-Magnolia Darlin39
Billy C Farlow-Roll Mississippi Roll
Billy C Farlow-Runnin39 From The Fire
Billy C Farlow-Snake Eye
Billy C Farlow-Snake 
Billy C Farlow-What Have I Done
Billy C Farlow-Whiskey And Beer Gin And Wine
Billy C Farlow-Whiskey And Beer Gin And Wine
Billy CFarlow-Trouble39s come to the delta
Blindside Blues Band-All I Need
Blindside Blues Band-Blues in My Soul
Blindside Blues Band-Born With The Blues
Blindside Blues Band-Hit the Highway
Blindside Blues Band-Hoochie Coochie Man
Blindside Blues Band-Im Not Your Man
Blindside Blues Band-Jack Daniels Weekend
Blindside Blues Band-Little Red Rooster
Blindside Blues Band-Play The Blues
Blindside Blues Band-Renegade
Blindside Blues Band-Sweet little angel
Blindside Blues Band-To the Station
Blindside Blues Band-Truth Never Lies
Blindside Blues Band-Working So Hard
Blue Plate Special-Glass Of Teardrops
Blue Plate Special-Let It Rock
Blue Plate Special-Never Too Late
Blue Plate Special-One Paycheck
Blue Plate Special-One Way Train
Blue Plate Special-Roll Away The Stone
Blue Plate Special-Stir It Up
Blue Plate Special-Temple
Blues Gang - Its My Own Tears
Blues Gang-Good Old Time Rockin RampB Dig It 
Blues Gang-Happy Just To Know Low Down Blues 
BLUES GANG-I was born in Chicago
BLUES GANG-Key to the higway
BLUES GANG-Little wing(
BLUES GANG-Prizoner blues
BLUES GANG-Tell me woman
BLUES GANG-Thrill is gon
BLUES GANG-Too too train
Blues N Trouble-CT
Bluesville Station 2012-No Time Blues
Bluesville Station-A Change Comin
Bluesville Station-Castlemaine Drain
Bluesville Station-Do Dat Ditty
Bluesville Station-I Got Arrested
Bluesville Station-Lost in Middle Earth Step On the Gas 
Bluesville Station-Memories of Las Flores Step On The Gas 
Bluesville Station-Miss Me When Im Gone
Bobby Messano-My Life In Bags
Bobby Messano-Nickels And Dimes
Bobby Messano-Pride of the Cockney Rebels
Bobby Messano-San Antone
Bobby Messano-Thats Why I Dont Sing the Blues Thats Why I Dont Sing the Blues 
Boogie Chilli - Crawlin' Kingsnake 
Boogie Chilli - Crossroads Blues
Boogie Chilli - Help Me 
Boogie Chilli - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer 
Boogie Chilli - Ramblin' On My Mind 
Boogie Chilli - Sinner's Prayer
Boogie Chilli - Walking Blues 
Boogie Chilli - Baby Please Don't Go 
Boogie Chilli - Boom Boom
Boogie Chilli - This Is Hip 
Boogie Chilli - Who Do You Love 
Boogie Stuff-Black Limousin
Boogie Stuff-Cant you hear me cryin
Boogie Stuff-Don
Boogie Stuff-Homesick
Boogie Stuff-Ooh Poo Pah Doo

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock CD 3

Bluesville Station-Prowlin 
Bluesville Station-Quite Conten
Bluesville Station-Ride My Way Home
Bluesville Station-Rough Rider Woman Step On The Gas 
Bluesville Station-Snake Bittin Boogie
Bluesville Station-Time To Go
Bobby Mack amp Night Train-Only Getting Second Best
Bobby Mack-Pourin Rain
Bobby Messano-Lonely Ramona
Bobby Messano-More Then Meets The 
Boogie Chilli - Standing Around Crying 
Boogie Stuff-Who Did You Love
Boogie Stuff-You Cant Love Me
Bootleggers - 51 Pieces 
Bootleggers - Exit 109 
Bootleggers - Mama Screw Your Wig On Tight 
Bootleggers - Move It On Over 
Bootleggers - Red Nekkid 
Bootleggers- Alabama Highway
Brian Robertson-Running Back Slow Version
Brian Robertson-Texas Wind
Bryan Lee-Aint Nobodys Business
Bryan Lee-Blues for Mr Brown
Bryan Lee-Cant Stop This HeartacheTOOO 
Bryan Lee-Early In The Morning Feat Buddy Guy
Bryan Lee-Ill Play The Blues For You
Bryan Lee-Let Me Down Easy
Bryan Lee-Six String Therapy
Bryan Lee-Your Love
Bryce Janey-Mission For Love 
Bryce Janey- Sugar Hill
Bryce Janey-11-Faithfully
Bryce Janey-Another Fine Day
Bryce Janey-chance with me
Bryce Janey-City Underwater
Bryce Janey-Come And Go Blues
Bryce Janey-Country Fever
Bryce Janey-Down Home Blues
Bryce Janey-Dust Off the Bottle
Bryce Janey-Funky Guitar Blues
Bryce Janey-Get You Off My Mind TOOOO 
Bryce Janey-Hard Workin Man
Bryce Janey-Heal the Night
Bryce Janey-hey now baby
Bryce Janey-In This Plac)
Bryce Janey-In Your Kitchen
Bryce Janey-Kicked Like A Dog
Bryce Janey-Killing Floor
Bryce Janey-Long Time Running
Bryce Janey-Made In the USA
Bryce Janey-Mean Old Town
Bryce Janey-My Little 
Bryce Janey-Runnin Down The Road
Bryce Janey-Shes Nowhere
Bryce Janey-Strat Blues TOOOO 
Bryce Janey-Strat Blues 
BRYCE JANEY-sweet lovin you
Bryce Janey-Under The Sun 
Bryce Janey-Walk Away
Bryce Janey-Walkin On A LIve Wire
Buddy Guy-Black Night
Buddy Guy-Damn Right Ive Got The Blues - Damn Right Ive Got the Blues 
Buddy Guy-Five Long Years
Buddy Guy-Jimmie Vaughan Eric Clapton Bonnie Raitt Robert Cray- BB King Art Neville DrJohn -Six Strings Down A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan
Buddy Guy-Let Me Love You Baby
Buddy Guy-Living Proof
Buddy Guy-My Love Is Real
Buddy Guy-Shes Out There Somewhere
Buddy Guy-Stay Around A Little Longer With BB King
Buddy Guy-What Kinda Woman Is This
Buddy Whittington Band-Deadwood And Wire
Buddy Whittington David Smith Joe Yuele John Mayall John Mayall amp Friends Lenny Castro Low Andy Fairweather Mick Ta-She Dont Play By the Rules
Buddy Whittington-Every Goodbye 
Buddy Whittington-Every Goodbye Aint 
Buddy Whittington-Greenwood(
Buddy Whittington-Minor Blues
Buddy Whittington-Romance Classified
Buddy Whittington-Stevie Rave On
Cadillac Blues Band-Boogey Man
Cadillac Blues Band-Cadillac Ride
Cadillac Blues Band-Chicken Farm
Cadillac Blues Band-Count On Me
Cadillac Blues Band-Final Blues
Cadillac Blues Band-Funky Cool
Cadillac Blues Band-Hey Jack
Cadillac Blues Band-Lost Frind
Cadillac Blues Band-Mama Missed The Voodoo Club
Cadillac Blues Band-Midnight Walker
Cadillac Blues Band-No More Greasy Towels
Cadillac Blues Band-Remembering Love TOOO
Cadillac Blues Band-Roadband Blues
Cadillac Blues Band-The Thrill Is Gone
Cadillac Blues Band-Two
Carlene Carter amp Dave Edmunds-Baby ride easy
Cash Box Kings-Baby Please Dont Go
Cash Box Kings-Cant Hold Out Much Longer
Cash Box Kings-Daddy Bear Blues
Cash Box Kings-Default Boogie TOOOO
Cash Box Kings-Dont Go Drinkin
Cash Box Kings-Gimmie Some Of That
Cash Box Kings-Gypsy Woman
Cash Box Kings-Honeymoon Blues
Cash Box Kings-Id Be A Liar
Cash Box Kings-Life Is Tough
Cash Box Kings-Lou amp Roxies Rhumba TOOOO
Cash Box Kings-New Boogie Woogie Baby TOOO
Cash Box Kings-Please Set A Date
Cash Box Kings-St Paul Wintertime Blues
Cash Box Kings-The Little Machine
Cash Box Kings-The Low Roller
Cash Box Kings-Why Did I Start
Chaz de Paolo-big blues star
Chaz de Paolo-checkin on my baby
Chaz de Paolo-chicago 101
Chaz de Paolo-dont you lie to me
Chaz de Paolo-flirtin with the blues
Chaz de Paolo-i only need a little
Chaz de Paolo-let me love you baby
Chaz de Paolo-long grey ma
Chaz de Paolo-stevies favorite shuffle
Chaz de Paolo-stormin
Chaz de Paolo-sunday mornin blues
Chaz de Paolo-No More Doggin
Chick Willis-Betty Boo
Chick Willis-Black Widow Spider
Chick Willis-Come Back Home
Chick Willis-I Know A Hoochie Mama
Chick Willis-Married To Four Women
Chick Willis-Mother Fuyer
Chick Willis-MrDJ
Chick Willis-One Eyed Woman
Chick Willis-Ribshack Blues Cafe
Chick Willis-Someday Baby
Chick Willis-Stoop Down Baby
Chick Willis-What Goes Up
Chick Willis-wont give up
Chicken Shack Blues paradise Ballads vol14-The Thrill Has Gone
Chicken Shack-Daughter Of The Hillside
Chicken Shack-Do Righ
Chicken Shack-Dont You Worry About A Thing
Chicken Shack-Ghettoverit
Chicken Shack-High
Chicken Shack-Id Rather Go Blind
Chicken Shack-Nothing I Can Do
Chicken Shack-Ooh
Chicken Shack-Strange Situations
Chicken Shack-The Way It Is
Chicken Shack-When The Train Comes Back
Chicken Shack-You Know Could Be Right
Chris Hicks-believe in forever
Chris Hicks-blues got me down
Chris Hicks-chokin kind
Chris Hicks-dog eat dog world
Chris Hicks-down in dixie
Chris Hicks-georgia moon
Chris Hicks-in time
Chris Hicks-keepin up with the jones
Chris Hicks-nothin i wouldnt do
Chris Hicks-tie that binds
Chris Hicks-too cool for school
Chris Hicks-you cant hide
Chris Hicks-Too Cool for School
chris aaron - across the border
chris aaron - born with the blues
chris aaron - grain of salt
chris aaron band - abigail
chris aaron band - falsely accused felony blues
chris aaron band - pick em up truck
chris aaron band - rain dance
Chris Aaron Band-Pick em up Truck
Chris Aaron-Corey Sterling amp -Franklins Tower
Chris Aaron-Corey Sterling amp -Mississippi Man
Chris Beard-born to play the blues
Chris Beard-high cost of living
Chris Beard-i still love you
Chris Beard-its over
Chris Beard-Party Tonight
Chris Beard-silver spoon
Chris Beard-somebodys sleeping
Chris Beard-ten toes up
Chris Beard-The Girl Is Ready
Chris Beard-youre the one

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 4

Aaron Penton - Cover Under Fire 
Abyzz - After Dark 
Abyzz - If Six Was Nine 
Abyzz - Runnin' On Fumes 
Adam Holt - Queenie Makes Me Feel (like a king) 
Adam Holt - Who I Am 
Adam West - Sizzleen 
Al Hill & The Love Butlers - Nothing I Can Do 
Alanah Myles - Black Velvet 
Alannah Myles - Our World Our Times 
Alastair Greene - Get My Wings 
Alastair Greene - Off The Edge 
Alastaire Greene - Get My Wings 
Albert Castiglia - Cadillac Assembly Line - Live 
Albert Castiglia - The Day The Old Man Died 
Albert Collins - Too Many Dirty Dishes 
Albert Cummings - Barrel House Blues 
Albert Cummings - Blues Makes Me Feel So Good 
Albert Cummings - Come Up For Air 
Albert Cummings - Let Me Be 
Albert Cummings - Party Right Here 
Albert Cummings - Sleep 
Albert Cummings - Work It Out 
Albert Cummings - Your Sweet Love 
Albert Cummings-I Feel Good 
Albert Cummings-Im Free 
Albert Cummings-Tell It Like It Is (2:53)
Alex Henley Band - You 
Alex Maryol - God Don't Ever Change 
Alex Maryol - Pins And Needles 
Alex Maryol - Ramblin' Man's Blues 
Alex Maryol-Changes 
Allman Brothers - Sweet Melissa 
Alvin Jett - Running Like A Dog 
Alvin Jett-Boogie To The Blues 
Alvin Jett-My Babys Place 
Alvin Lee - Bluest Blues 
Alvin Lee - Boogie All Day 
Alvin Lee - I Want You (Sheys So Heavy) 
Alvin Lee - One Lonely Hour 
Alvin Lee - The Bluest Blues 
Alvin Youngblood Hart - Big Mamas Door 
Alvin Youngblood Hart - Motivational Speaker 
Alvin Youngblood Hart - Stomp Dance 
Alvin Youngblood Hart - Sway 
Alvin Youngblood Hart - The Meanest Jukebox In Town 
American Blues Box - I Can`t Hold Out 
American Blues Box - Killing Time 
American Blues Box - Mississippi Mud 
American Blues Box - Red Hot Lover 
American Blues Box - Whiskey and Water 
American Standard - Delta '88 
AMOR - 24 Hours 
AMOR - Body Freezing 
AMOR - Can't Stand Up 
Amor - Fool Enough 
Amor - Lover Down 
AMOR - Man of Steel 
Andy Aledort & the Groove King - I`ve Got A Thing About You 
Andy Aledort & the Groove King - Wish 
Andy MacIntyre - Cockroach 
Andy MacIntyre - Leave Me Alone 
Anthony Gomes - Bad For You 
Anthony Gomes - Blindog 
Anthony Gomes - Bring It
Anthony Gomes - Darkest Before the Dawn
Anthony Gomes - Everyday Superstar
Anthony Gomes - Hard Line To Ride
Anthony Gomes - Love's Got the Power
Anthony Gomes - Pain In My Heart
Anthony Gomes - Purple Whiskey Sack
Anthony Gomes - Shame On You
Anthony Gomes - Upside
Anthony Gomes - Without You
Anthony Gomes Band - Shame On You
Anthony Gomes Band - Hard Line To Ride
Anthony Gomes Band - Shame On You
Anthony Gomes-Bring It
Anthony Gomes-Long Way Home
Anthony Gomes-Monday Salvation
Anthony Gomes-Purple Whiskey Sack
Anthony Gomes-Without You
Antics - Bad Boys
Arc Angels - Good Time
Arc Angels - Living In A Dream
Arc Angels - Sent by angels
Arc Angels - The Famous Jane
Arc Angels - Too many Ways to Fall
ArcAngels - Sweet Nadine
Arnesen Blues Band - Boogie Man
Arny Kay - Hang on Jimi
Arny Kay - Talk It over
Aynsley Lister - All Along The Watchtower
Aynsley Lister - Come Go Home With Me
Aynsley Lister - Crossroads
Aynsley Lister - Getaway
Aynsley Lister - Quiet Boy!
Aynsley Lister - Rain
Aynsley Lister - Say Goodbye
Aynsley Lister - Soundman
Back Door Slam - Roll Away
Backdraft - Goddamn Man
Backwater Blues Band - How Long
Bad News Blues Band - Bad Boy Willie
Bad News Blues Band - Fever In The Funkhouse
Bad News Blues Band - Stupid
Bad News Blues Band - You Don't Love Me
Barefoot Blues Band - Set Yourself Free
Barefoot Servants - Dog Days
Barefoot Servants - Foolish Behavior
Barefoot Servants - Love You Too Much
Barefoot Servants - Love`s Made a Fool
Barefoot Servants - Love's Made A Fool
Barry McCabe - I Wonder
Barry McCabe - Johnny Nobody
Barry McCabe - Oh Well
Bazooka Joe - Here`s Looking At You
BB Chung King - 57 Chevy
BB Chung King - Big Time Baby
BB Chung King - Blue Charade
BB Chung King - Chicken Head
BB Chung King - Devils Playground
BB Chung King - Don't Cry
BB Chung King - Hold On
BB Chung King - Howlin' At The Moon
BB Chung King - I Feel Safe
BB Chung King - Just Like That
BB Chung King - Justeen
BB Chung King - Little Girl
BB Chung King - Rich Man
BB Chung King - Show Down
BB Chung King - Sisters Have Mercy
BB Chung King - Some Will Fall
BB Chung King - Sooner Or Later
BB Chung King - Still The Rain
BB Chung King - Stop Talkin` That Way
BB Chung King - Too Little Too Late
BB Chung King - Train Train
BB Chung King - Wine, Women & Workin'
BD Eyz - You`ve got to go
Ben J Hayes - Pedal To The Floor
Bernard Allison - Chills & Thrills
Bernard Allison - Feels Kinda Funny
Bernard Allison - Goodbye Little Girl
Bernard Allison - I Can`t Get You Out of My Mind
Bernard Allison - I Want To Get You Back
Bernard Allison - Love Is Free
Bernard allison - Rock me baby
Bernard Allison - Snake Bit Again
Bernard Allison - Speed Slide
Bernard Allison - The River's Rising
Beth Hart - Broken & Ugly (live)
Beth Hart - Broken & Ugly
Beth Hart & Jesper Binzer - Wild Horses (album version)
South - Bluesman For Life

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 5

Tinsley Ellis - Cut You Loose 
Tinsley Ellis - Dangling By A Thread 
Tinsley Ellis - Diggin' My Own 
Tinsley Ellis - Hooked 
Tinsley Ellis - I Got To Moan 
Tinsley Ellis - I Take What I Want 
Tinsley Ellis - Pawnbroker 
Tinsley Ellis - The Other Side Of Town 
Tinsley Ellis - Wanted Man 
Tinsley Ellis - When I Howl 
Tinsley Ellis - You're Gonna Thank Me 
Tito & Tarantula - Slippin' & Slidin' 
Todd Wolfe - Black Hearted Woman 
Todd Wolfe - East Of You 
Todd Wolfe - Got To Get Better In A Little While (live) 
Todd Wolfe - Heaven 
Todd Wolfe - If This Is Love 
Todd Wolfe - Ready For Love 
Todd Wolfe - Shame 
Todd Wolfe - Stranger Blues 
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Don't Come Around Here No More 
Tommy Bolin Band - Hello, Again 
Tommy Bolin Band - People, People 
Tommy Bolin Band - Shake the Devil 
Tommy Bolin Band - The Grind 
Tommy Bolin-Shake The Devil 
Tommy Castro - Can`t You See What You`re Doing To Me (Live) 
Tommy Castro - Chairman Of The Board 
Tommy Castro - Err On The Side Of Love 
Tommy Castro - Exception To The Rule 
Tommy Castro - If You Believe (In What You Do) 
Tommy Castro - Rip This Joint 
Tommy Castro - Take The Highway Down 
Tommy Castro - You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do 
Tommy Cougar & the Stingrays - Soul To Soul 
Tommy J McLaren Band - Texas Bound 
Tony Joe White - Taste Like Chicken 
Tony Sarno - Alone In The Dark 
Tony Sarno - Sick & Tired 
Tony Sarno and the Screamin` Blue Demons - Alone In The Dark 
Tony Sarno and the Screamin` Blue Demons - Blue Shadows 
Tony Sarno and the Screamin` Blue Demons - Nellie Fetch The Hosepipe 
Tony Spinner - CC Rider 
Tony Spinner - Listen to Your Heart 
Tony Spinner - Rollin' and Tumblin' In Meantown 
Tony Spinner - Wound Up in the Clink 
Tony Spinner - You Are Who You Are 
Tony Vega Band - King Friday 
Tony Vega Band - Old Maid
Too Slim And The Taildraggers - Broad Minded
Too Slim And The Taildraggers - Brown Bottle Rock
Too Slim And The Taildraggers - Free Your Mind
Too Slim and The Taildraggers - No Quarter
Too Slim and The Taildraggers - The Stumble
Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy
Traffic - Feelin' Alright
Traffic - Hole In My Shoe
Train Wreck - Rain Is Fallin'
Trampled Under Foot - My Fault To Stay
Trevor Finlay - Bumpy Roads
Trevor Finlay - Coffee
Trevor Finlay - The Couple Next Door
Trevor Finlay Band - Bebopalula
Trevor Finlay Band - Let`s Just Get Drunk
Trond Olsen Band - Good Thing
Tubesnakes - You don't know lovin yet
Tuff Enuff - Devil's Company
Tuff Enuff - Eastbound Train
Tuff Enuff - Freedom Fighter
Tumblin` Sneakers - That`s All Right
Twelve Bar Blues Band - Help Me
Twelve Bar Blues Band - I Can Make Everything All Right
Twelve Bar Blues Band - John Lee Boogie
Twelve Bar Blues Band - Love Is Pain
Twelve Bar Blues Band - Shake Your Moneymaker
Twelve Bar Blues Band - You Gonna Nee My Help Someday
Ty Curtis Band - No She Don't
Ty Curtis Band - Stubborn Mind
Van Wilks - Boystown
Van Wilks - Fever In The Desert
Van Wilks - Goin' To See My Baby
Van Wilks - Goin` To See My Baby
Van Wilks - Little Mona and the Scorpion
Van Wilks - Our Little Secret
Van Wilks - Temporary Love Affair
Van Wilks - Texas Jukin'
Van Wilks - Would You Go My Way
Vargas Blues Band - Black Cat Boogie
Vargas Blues Band - Blue Midnight
Vargas Blues Band - Blues Latino
Vargas Blues Band - Everything Is Going To Be Alright
Vargas Blues Band - Hideway
Vargas Blues Band - Ride With My Blues
Vargas Blues Band - Thinking Of You
Vargas Blues Band - Travelling South
Vargas Blues Band - You've Got To Move
Vdelli - Better Off Outside
Vdelli - Going Too Hard (For Too Long)
Vdelli - Hot Muffins
Vdelli - I Can`t Stay
Vdelli - Night Train
Vdelli - Public Requests
Vdelli - Something New
Vdelli - UV Rays
Vdelli-Help Me
Vibro Kings - Take You Home
Vince Agwada - Blooze
Vince Converse - Drown Yourself In The River
Vince Converse - Give It Everything You Got
Vivian Campbell - Good Or Bad Times
Walter Trout - Always Been A Dreamer
Walter Trout - Don't Wanna Fall
Walter Trout - Got A Broken Heart
Walter Trout - Got To Kill The Monkey (1)
Walter Trout - Gotta Leave This Town
Walter Trout - Highway Song
Walter Trout - Life In The Jungle
Walter Trout - Lonely Tonight
Walter Trout - Long Tall Sally
Walter Trout - Outta Control
Walter Trout - Playing With Gloves On
Walter Trout - Say What You Mean
Walter Trout - She's Out There Somewhere
Walter Trout - Sweet As A Flower
Walter Trout - Sweet Butterfly (Sophie's Song)
Walter Trout Band - Runnin' Blues
Walter Trout Power Trio - Finally Gotten Over You
Walter Trout Power Trio - The Reason I'm Gone
Walter Trout-Cant Help Falling Apart (Featuring Finis Tasby)
Wes Jeans - Back To Bed
Whiteboy Slim - Hey, Hold On, Stop
Wolfman Jack - Boogie My Blues Away
Wolfman Jack - Many Miles From Home
Wolfman Jack - Rollin' and Tumblin
Woodleg Odd-Just Around Midnight
Zach Prather & Slight Return - Cadillack 69
Zach Prather & Slight Return - Freak
Zach Prather & Slight Return - Provider
Zach Prather & Slight Return - Steam Roller
Zito - 1000 Ways To Die
Zito - Hey Joe
Zito - Lightning Bug
Zito - Little Red Corvette
Zito - Long Dark Road
Zito - Take My Time
Zito - Tug of War
Zito - Wartime Jimi
Zola Moon - Hard Liquor
Zola Moon - House of the Rising Sun
ZZ Top - A Fool For Your Stockings
ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses
ZZ Top - Concrete and Steel
ZZ Top - Enjoy And Get It On
ZZ Top - Hairdresser
ZZ Top - Hummbucking Part 2
ZZ Top - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
ZZ Top - La Grange
ZZ Top - My Head's in Mississippi
ZZ Top - Piece
ZZ Top - Sheik
ZZ Top - Snappy Kakkie
ZZ Top - Squank
ZZ Top - Ten Dollar Man
ZZ Top - Waitin' For The Bus
ZZ Top - What It Is Kid
ZZ Top - What's Up With That

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 6

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Cold Shot 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Come On 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn`t Stand The Weather 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Crossfire 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live Another Day (live) 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Look At Little Sister 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rude Mood 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tell Me 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - The House Is A Rockin' 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky Is Crying 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Wall Of Denial 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Willie The Wimp 
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Pride And Joy 
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Life By The Drop 
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Mary Had a Little Lamb 
Stevie Ray Vaughn - So Excited 
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Superstition 
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood 
Stevie Ray Vaughn - The Sky is Crying 
Stone - Drift (3:14)
Stoney Curtis Band - Around The World 
Stoney Curtis Band - Baby Needs Lovin` 
Stoney Curtis Band - Free (Alive) 
Stoney Curtis Band - Jesus Just Left Chicago 
Stoney Curtis Band - Like A Man 
Stoney Curtis Band - My Saviour 
Stoney Curtis Band - Precious Lady (live) 
Stoney Curtis Band - Soul Love 
Stoney Curtis Band - Straighten It Out (live) 
Storm Warning - Big Man 
Storyville - Bluest Eyes 
Storyville - One Rock at a Time 
Storyville - A Piece Of Your Soul 
Storyville - Blind Side 
Storyville - Born Without You 
Storyville - Don't Make Me Cry 
Storyville - One Rock at a Time 
Storyville - What Passes For Love 
Studebaker John - Missing You 
Sue Foley - Queen Bee 
Sun Dried Opossum - Pretty Gurls 
Sun Dried Opossum - Spend My Money 
Sun Dried Opossum - Vida 
Susan Tedeschi - Rock Me Right
Susan Tedeschi - Talking About
Tab Benoit - Blues So Bad
Tab Benoit - Fever For The Bayou
Tab Benoit - Got Love If You Want It
Tab Benoit - Howlin' for My Darling
Tab Benoit - I Can't Hold Out
Tab Benoit - Keep Yourself From Crying Too
Tab Benoit - Little Girl Blues
Tab Benoit - Match Box Blues
Tab Benoit - Me And My Guitar
Tab Benoit - Night Train
Tab Benoit - Raided That Joint
Tab Benoit - The Killing Floor
Tab Benoit - Travelin' South
Tab Benoit Feat. Jimmy Hall - New Orleans Ladies
Ted Nugent - Hey Baby
Telephone Song
Ten Years After - Choo Choo Mama
Ten Years After - Goin' Back To Birmingham
Ten Years After - Look Into My Life
Ten Years After - Reasons Why
Ten Years After - Stone Me
Ten Years After - When It All Falls Down
Ten Years After - Without You
Texas Boogie - Telephone Man [1]
The Alex Dixon Band - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
The Alex Dixon Band - Lose Control
The Alex Dixon Band - My Suspicious Mind
The Allman Brothers Band - Gambler's Roll
The Allman Brothers Band - In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
The Allman Brothers Band - Little Martha
The Allman Brothers Band - Mean Woman Blues
The Band - Theme From The Last Waltz
The Band - Up On Cripple Creek
The Band - Who Do You Love
The Beat Daddys - Common Ground
The Beat Daddys - Where is She
The Beer Brothers Band - Road story
The Bihlman Bros. - Bad Axe
The Bihlman Bros. - Moonshine
The Black Crowes - Good Friday
The Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels
The Black Crowes - Sting Me
The Black Keys - Have Mercy On Me
The Black Keys - The Breaks
The Blackwater Voodoo Club - Salt on the Wound
The Blueprints - Whos Been Talking
The Bluescasters - Little Black Book
The Boneshakers - Hype
The Boneshakers - Part Time Man
The Boneshakers - Yesterday's Gone
The Brothers of the Road Band - Get Rollin` Home
The Derek Trucks Band - Don't Miss Me
The Detonators - Rain, Rain
The Eddie Leighton Project - Close to you
The Eddie Leighton Project - Dead End Street
The Eddie Leighton Project - Play the blues
The Eddie Leighton Project - Stay with me
The Gales Bros. - Fight The Power
The Gales Bros. - Guitar Man
The Gales Bros. - Hand Me Down
The Gales Bros. - House Of Blues
The Gales Bros. - Rockin Horse Ride
The Gales Bros. - Sign Of The Times
The Gales Bros. - Somebody
The Gales Bros. - Somethin's Got A Hold Of Me
The Gales Bros. - Talk Is Cheap
The Gales Bros. - Talkin In Your Sleep
The Gales Bros. - This Deck Is Stacked
The Gales Bros. - Worried Man
The Gales Bros. - You Don't Love Me
The Gentleman's Blues Club - The Gift Of Life
The Groove Hogs - Blues Is My Business
The Hamburg Blues Band - That was only Yesterday
The Hitman Blues Band - Calamity's Child
The Hitman Blues Band - Hammer Down
The Hoax - Don't Shake My Hand
The Hoax - Groove Breaker
The Hoax-Groove Breaker
The Hoax-I Want To Te Loved
The Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Pay Me No Mind
The Homemade Jamz Blues Band - The World's Been Good To You
The Jeff Healey Band - I Got A Line On You
The Jeff Healy Band - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - If 6 Was 9
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - She's So Fine
The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue - Can't You See
The Marshall Tucker Band - Can`t You See
The Monty Guitar Tyler Band - Call Me
The Nortons - Bone Pickin'
The Nortons - Night Time Is The Right Time
The Radiators - Straight Eight
The Radiators (live) - Death Of The Blues
The Radiators (live) - Number Two Pencil
The Radiators (live) - Someone Like You
The Radiators (live) - Tell Me How Do You Feel
The Radiators (live) - Western Plains
The Renovators - If I Boogie
The Rolling Stones - Happy
The Rolling Stones - Soul Survivor
The Snowy White Blues Project - I Still See You
The Steepwater Band - At The Fall Of The Day
The Steepwater Band - Autumn
The Steepwater Band - Government Graffiti
The Steepwater Band-Dance Me A Number
The Teague Stefan Band - Lose My Way
The Veldman Brothers - One more Chance
The Veldman Brothers - Tell Me Baby
The Work in Progress Band - A Better Woman
The Dare Ya Blues Band-Think I know
The Hitman Blues Band-Busted
Thomas Lee - Slow By The Riverside
Thunder Road - Cuz I Told You So
Thunder Road - Put Me In Your Groove
Thunder Road - That's Not Really a Shuffle (live)
Tino gonzales - Cajun queen
Tino Gonzales - Dead Man`s Shoes
Tino Gonzales - Poverty

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 7

Rory Gallagher - 20-20 Vision 
Rory Gallagher - Bullfrog Blues  
Rory Gallagher - Continental Op 
Rory Gallagher - Edged In Blue 
Rory Gallagher - Goin' To My Hometown 
Rory Gallagher - I Could Have Had Religion (live) 
Rory Gallagher - I`ll Admit You`re Gone 
Rory Gallagher - Jackknife Beat 
Rory Gallagher - Laundromat 
Rory Gallagher - Livin` Like A Trucker 
Rory Gallagher - Moonchild 
Rory Gallagher - Secret Agent 
Rory Gallagher - They Don`t Make Them Like You 
Rose City Kings - Biscuits 'n Gravy 
Rose City Kings - Can't Fool Me (This Time) 
Rose City Kings - Coffee Blues 
Rose City Kings - Delta Hop 
Rose City Kings - Devil In My Shoes 
Rose City Kings - Fire it Up 
Route 666 - Scandal 
Rowdy James Band - Dixie Wind 
Rowdy James Band - Mamma Told Me 
Roxanne Potvin-Your Love Keeps Working On Me 
Roy Cox - Combination of Things 
Roy Cox - Whisky Song 
Roy Cox - Message from the Road 
Roy Cox - Up and Down 
Roy Cox & The Bluesknights - The Sherrif Don't Know 
Ruben Hoeke Band - Enough Of That Stuff 
Rumble Pack - Give It To Me Two Times 
Rumble Pack - Rub It In 
Rumble Pack Confusion 
Rumble Pack True crime of passion 
Rusty Zinn - The Big Eye 
Ryan McGarvey - Right In All The Wrong Ways 
Ryan McGarvey - The One That Got Away 
Santana - Black Magic Woman 
Sass Jordan - High Road Easy 
Sass Jordan - Make You A Believer 
Scarlet Runner - Me 
Scarlet Runner - Take The Fall 
Scarlet Runner - Use Me Up 
Scarlet Runner - Wrong Side 
Scott Ellison - Steamin'
Scott Henderson - Fence Climbin' Blues
Scott Henderson - Fence Climbin` Blues
Scott Henderson - Too Many Gittars
Scott Holt - Baby Let`s Go
Scott Holt - Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
Scott Holt - Crosstown Traffic
Scott Holt - Five Women
Scott Holt - The Unforgiven
Scott Holt - Too Many Ways
Scott Holt - Up in Flames
Scott Holt Band - All You Give Me Is The Blues
Scott Holt-Another Rainy Day
Scott Holt-Computer Baby
Scott Holt-Ive Been Searching
Scott Keeton and The Deviants - Drinkin Whiskey
Scott Keeton and The Deviants - Scream
Scott McKeon - All The Same
Scott McKeon - Cool Lookin` Woman
Scott McKeon - Honey Baby
Scott McKeon - I Can See Through You
Scott McKeon - I Used To Have Something
Scott McKeon - Maybe
screamin cheetah wheelies - High Time We Went
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies - Right Place, Wrong Time
Screamin` Cheetah Wheelies - You Are
Sean Chambers - Me and My Guitar
Sean Chambers - Mojo Down The Road
Sean Chambers - Return To Groove
Sean Chambers - Tom Cat
Sean Costello - All This Time
Seth James - House on the Hill
Seth James - Sweet Baby`s Gone
Seth James - Sweet Baby's Gone
Shane Dwight - Come See Me
Shane Dwight Band - Good Life
Shane Dwight Band - It Takes Time
Shane Dwight Band - Sweet Home Chicago
Shane Dwight Blues Band - Blues Power
Shane Dwight-Boogie King
Shane Henry Band - Four Dollars
Shane Henry Band - In The Blues
Shane Henry Band - Losing the Blues
Shane Henry Band - So In Love With You
Shane Henry Band - You`re Comin` Home
Shane Pruitt - Cried All Night Long
Shannon Curfman - I Don't Make Promises
Shannon Curfman - I'm Coming Home
Shannon Curfman - No Riders
Shawn Kellerman - Burrito Brain
Sherman Robertson - Guitar Man
Sky High - Downshift Boogie
Smokin' Joe Kubek - Walk On
Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King - Healthy Mama
Smokin` Joe Kubek - Better Be Getting It On
Smokin` Joe Kubek - Make It Right
Smokin` Joe Kubek - Runnin` Blind
Smokin` Joe Kubek - Standing In My Door
Smokin` Joe Kubek & Bnois King - Invitation Only
Snowy White - A Piece of Your Love
Snowy White - Black Magic Woman
Snowy White - It`s No Secret
Snowy White - Restless Too
Snowy White - The Time Has Come
Snowy White - You Can`t Break My Heart
Sonny Landreth - The Center
Sonny Landreth - Universe
Sonny Landreth - Z. Rider
Sonny Moorman - House of Thunder
Sonny Moorman - Texas Blues
Sonny Moorman - You Shook Me
Southern Gentlemen - Down To New Orleans
Southern Gentlemen - I Believe In Love
Southern Gentlemen - I Feel So Blue
Southside Johnny - Cadillac Jack
SRV & Double Trouble - Love Struck Baby
Status Quo - Rain (live)
Steel Rodeo - - When I`m gone
Steely Dan - Gaucho
Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen
Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic
Steve Johnson - BBQ
Steve Johnson - Bus Blues
Steve Johnson - Learn To Be Nice
Steve Johnson - Leaving New York
Steve Johnson - Walk With Me
Steve Pierson - Bed
Steve Pierson - Huntin

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 8

Nuno Mindelis - Avenue G 
Nuno Mindelis - Crawling Back 
Nuno Mindelis - Dizzy Slow Blues 
Nuno Mindelis - I Got You Baby 
Nuno Mindelis - Rats & Leeches 
Nuno Mindelis - Shake It 
Nuno Mindelis - Texas Bound 
Nuno Mindelis - They Call Me The Beast 
Nuno Mindelis - Walk On 
Nuno Mindelis - You Better Believe It 
Nuno Mindelis - You got me running 
Oli Brown Band - All The Kings Horses 
Oli Brown Band - Missing You 
Omar & The Howlers - Boogie Man 
Omar & The Howlers - Dirty People 
Omar & The Howlers - Enough Is Enough 
Omar & The Howlers - Got My Heart Set On You 
Paul Fenton - All Over You 
Paul Fenton - In My Arms 
Paul Fenton - Twister 
Paul Fenton - Underground 
Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd - Freedom 
Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd - Girls Watching 
Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd - PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY 
Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd - Play Guitar 
Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd - SOOKIE SOOKIE 
Paul Rodgers - Deep Blue 
Paul Rodgers - Standing Around Crying 
Paul Rodgers - The Hunter 
Paul Zunno Band - Baby Come Back 
Paul Zunno Band - My Babe 
Paul Zunno Band - So Long I'll See Ya 
Paul Zunno Band - You Were Right I Was Wrong 
Philip Sayce - Arianrhod 
Philip Sayce - Peace Machine 
Philip Sayce - Sweet Misery 
Pistol Pete - Black Cat 
Popa Chubby - Caffeine And Nicotine 
Popa Chubby - Lookin` for one kiss 
Popa Chubby - Low Down And Dirty 
Popa Chubby - Stoop Down Baby 
Popa Chubby - The Real Thing 
Popa Chubby - Top Ten Reasons Why I Can't Sleep At Night 
Popa Chubby - Young Men 
Popa Dave Montano - I Tried To Love a Drinkin` Wom 
Preacher - Raw Meat Boogie 
Preacher Stone - Not Today 
Preacher Stone - Southern Hospitality
Preacher Stone - That's Just The Whisky Talkin'
R. Kyle Frost - Ain't Gonna Cry
radiators - Squeeze Me Baby
Ram Jam - Black Betty
Randy Pavlock - I'm Crazy
Randy Pavlock - Side Tracked
Randy Timmons Band - When You Walk My Way
Rare Earth - (I Know) I'm Losing You (live)
Rare Earth - (I Know) I'm Losing You
Rare Earth - I Just Want To Celebrate (live)
Rattlesnake Guitar - Vince Converse & Innes Sibun = Rattlesnake Shake
Raunchtones - Guaranteed Recipe
Reba Russell Band - The Way Love Is Sometimes
Regulators - Breakin Out
Regulators - Burn Them Bridges Down
Regulators - Lies
Regulators - Money Pride and Greed
Rhett Tyler - Poor Boy
Rhett Tyler - Power of the Blues
Rick Derringer - Crybaby
Rick Derringer - Diamond
Rick Derringer - If 6 Was 9
Rick Derringer - Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo
Rick Derringer - Sometimes
Rick Derringer - The Mess Around
Rick Derringer - Unsolved Mystery
Rick Moore - Act of Faith
Rick Moore - Come and Go With Me
Rick Moore - I Wanna Get Funky (live)
Rick Moore - Satisfied Man
Rick Moore - Sell My Monkey
Riot and his Rhythm Devils - Go For A Ride
Riot and his Rhythm Devils - I'll Make It Somehow
Riot and his Rhythm Devils - Movin' On
Riot and His Rhythm Devils-Find Me A Woman
Riot and His Rhythm Devils-Finding The Blues
Riot and His Rhythm Devils-Goin Out Drinking
Riot and His Rhythm Devils-I Cant Breathe
Riot and His Rhythm Devils-Jelissa
Riot and His Rhythm Devils-Rhythm Devils (Are In Town)
Rob Tognoni - 4 seasons
Rob Tognoni - Black Chair
Rob Tognoni - Blues Seduction
Rob Tognoni - Can't See the Smoke
Rob Tognoni - Crossword Blues (live)
Rob Tognoni - Dark Angel
Rob Tognoni - Guitar Boogie ReFried (live)
Rob Tognoni - Itty Bitty Mama
Rob Tognoni - Mental Instrumental
Rob Tognoni - Retro Shakin`
Rob Tognoni - Roosevelt And Ira Lee
Rob Tognoni - Shoot, Hoot, Electrocute
Rob Tognoni - Silver Machine
Rob Tognoni - Take A Bone From A Dawg
Rob Tognoni - The Ironyard
Rob Tognoni - The Real Thing
Rob Tognoni - The Sinner
Rob Tognoni - Times Change
Rob Tognoni - Weapon Called Love
Rob Tognoni Power Blues Rock - I Gotta Have Your Lovin`
Rob Tognoni-Dogs With Fleas
Rob Tognoni-Let Your Love Fly
Rob Tognoni-My Detonation
Rob Tognoni-Reboot
Rob Tognoni-The Rain
Robben Ford - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Robben Ford - Rugged Road
Robert Farrell - Free Man
Robert Farrell - Jolee
Robert Farrell - Slow Burn
Robert Farrell - Stronghold of Love
Robert Farrell - The Heavenly Thrillbilly
Robert Farrell - Wild Hands
Robert Farrell - Wooly Mammoth
Robert Farrell - Wreckin` Ball
Robert Randolph - Thankful N' Thoughtful
Robin Barrett - Shake It!
Robin Barrett - Stranger Comin'
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs
Robin Trower - Inside Out
Robin Trower - Into Dust
Robin Trower - Next In Line
Robin Trower - Someday Blues
Robin Trower - Sweet Wine Of Love
Robin Trower - Too Much Joy
Rockin` Johnny - House Band
Rockin` Johnny - Mary Lee
Rod Stewart - Sweet Little Rock `n` Roller
Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Flavor of the Week
Ronnie Baker Brooks - A Whole Lot Better Too
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Baby Please (Come back Home)
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Can't You See
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Code 911
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Love Rebound
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Mack Momma
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Make These Blues Survive
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Pick Powder
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Stuck on Stupid
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Where Do I Stand In Line
Roomful of Blues - Backseat Blues
Roomful Of Blues - Turn It On, Turn It Up

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 9

Pat Travers - Walking By Myself 
Manoucheri - Quit While I`m Behind 
Marc Ford - Shame On Me 
Mark Haney & The Buzzards - Mississippi 
Mark Kerr-Woman With No Shame 
Mark Selby - Desire 
Mark Selby - I`m The Lucky One 
Mark Selby - If The World Was Mine 
Mark Selby - More Storms Comin` (3:22)
Mark Selby - One Man 
Mark Selby - She`s Like Mercury 
Mark Selby - Unforgiven 
Mark Selby - Willin' To Burn 
Mark Selby - Willin` 
Mark Selby - You`re Gonna Miss My Love 
Mason Ruffner - Ain`t Gonna Get It 
Mason Ruffner - Dancin` on Top of the World 
Matt Leddy - Good Woman (live) 
Matt Leddy - Lights of Las Vegas 
Matt O`Ree - Bringing the Blues 
Matt O`Ree - Everything I Need 
Matt O`Ree - Something to Say 
Matt O`Ree - Tell Me 
Matt O`Ree & The Blues Hounds - Ain`t Got No Time 
Matt Oree - Bringing The Blues 
Matt Oree - Over 
Matt Oree - Running Home 
Matt O'Ree & The Blues Hounds - Ain't Got No Time 
Matt O'Ree & The Blues Hounds - That's All Right 
Matt Schofield - Lay It Down 
Matt Schofield - Live Wire 
Matt Schofield - Not Raining Now 
May Hart Band - Jailhouse Of Your Love 
McCammons Forum - Gamble At The Bridge 
Mean Gene Kelton - Big Legged Mama 
Mean Gene Kelton & Die Hards - Little Black Dress 
Measured Chaos - Can't Judge A Book By The Cover 
Measured Chaos - How Did I Get Here 
Measured Chaos - Livin` The Dream 
Measured Chaos - Never Loved That Girl 
Measured Chaos - New Testament Shuffle 
Measured Chaos - Rubin Stacy 
Memo Gonzalez - One Day, One Kiss, One Night 
Memo Gonzalez - Slip Away 
Memo Gonzalez - What's In A Name 
Mere Imagery - Just Gonna Do It 
Michael Burks - Good Man, Bad Thing 
Michael Burks - Got A Way With Women 
Michael Burks - Icepick Through My Heart 
Michael Burks - Mean Old Lady 
Michael Burks - Miss Mercy 
Michael Jackson - Beat It 
Michael Katon - Barbeque on My Boogie 
Michael Katon - Boogie Is My Business 
Michael Katon - Love Stepped In My Way 
Michael Katon - No More Whiskey 
Michael Katon - Wake Up Call 
Michael Katon - You Love Me Up 
Michael K's Rumble Pack - Confusion 
Michael K's Rumble Pack - Give It To Me Two Times
Michael K's Rumble Pack - Middle Of Between
Michael Lee Firkins - Rain In The Tunnel
Michael Lee Firkins - Still Alive And Well
Michael Locke - You Done Did It
Mick Clarke - Blue Eyed Blues
MIDNITE JAMMER BAND - Right Back Where We Started
Mike Henderson - Bloody Murder
Mike Henderson - Pay Bo Diddley
Mike Larock - My Girl
Mike Morgan - Baby Please Don`t Lie To Me
Mike Morgan & Jim Suhler - You`re Fine
Mike Morgan & The Crawl - If My Baby Quit Me
Mike Morgan & The Crawl - No Money Down
Mike Morgan & The Crawl - The Blues Have Come My Way
Mike Onesko - Glide
Mike Reilly Band - 210 Train
Mike Reilly Band - Breaking For You
Mike Reilly Band - Come Back To Haunt You
Mike Reilly Band - Nothing But The Blues
Mike Welch - As Good As Gone
Mike Welch - Catch Me (Nothing last For Ever)
Mike Welch - Money (That's What I Want)
Mike Welch - My Love Belongs To You
Mike Zito - Dirty Blonde (live)
Mike Zito-Love Like This
Mike Zito-Time To Go Home
Mike Zito-Today
Miller Brothers Band - Playin`
Miller Brothers Band - Stand To Lose
Miller Brothers Band - Things Will Get Better
Miller Brothers Band - Wolf At Your Door
Millertime Boogie - Highway Home
Mizz Percy - Messin With The Kid
Mizz Percy - See See Baby
Mizz Percy - Shut Your Mouth
Monaco Blues Band - Are You Ready (live)
Monaco Blues Band - Hang It In Hang It Out
Monaco Blues Band - I Know You
Monaco Blues Band - I'll Tell You What Love Is
Monaco Blues Band - Long Way To Go
Monaco Blues Band - Oh What A Thrill
Monaco Blues Band - Red River Valey7777
Monaco Blues Band - Sneakin' Out The Back Door
Monkey Junk-Love Like This
Monster Mike Welch - Take your best shot
Moon Gypsies - I Ride A Hog
More Experience - Straight Ahead
Mud Eye Joe - Hoochie Coochie Man
Muddy King - Purple Heart
Nanette Workman - Hound Dog Man
Nanette Workman - I Need Love
Nanette Workman - Vanilla Blues Caf
Neal Black - Pink Chainsaw Boogie
Neal Black - Somebody Call Mama
Nelson Norwood w-Double Trouble - Hooked On You
Nerak Roth Patterson - It Ain't Over
Nerak Roth Patterson - Slow Dance
Nerak Roth Patterson - Watchin' You
Nightshift Ramblers - Too Blind To See
Omar & The Howlers - Judgement Day
Omar & The Howlers - Right There In The Rain
Omar & The Howlers - Sugar Ditch
Omar & The Howlers - Too Much
Omar and the Howlers - Pushin` Fire
Oscar Jordan - Sing Your Song
Papa's Hat - Long Road
Pat Coast - I Gotta Drive
Pat Coast - Trouble
Pat Coast - You`re Scarin` Me
Pat The White - Ain`t That Lovin` You
Pat The White - Kiss From Your Sisters
Pat The White - More Bad News
Pat The White - Nothing Else To Do
Pat The White - Tuff Enuff
Pat Travers - Blues Magnet
Pat Travers - Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
Pat Travers - Born Under A Bad Sign
Pat Travers - Built For Comfort
Pat Travers - Elaine
Pat Travers - Lil Southern Belle
Pat Travers - Lookin' Up
Pat Travers - Mystery Train
Pat Travers - Pack It Up
Pat Travers - Snortin' Whiskey
Pat Travers - Suburban Blues
Pat Travers - Too Cool Woman Blues
Pat Travers - Tore Up (From The Floor Up)
Pat Travers - Walking By Myself

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 10

John Mellencamp - Thundering Hearts 
Johnny Copeland - Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me 
Johnny Dunn and the Dare Ya Blues Band - She Does Too 
Johnny Winter - Bony Moronie 
Johnny Winter - Don`t Take Advantage Of Me 
Johnny Winter - Lone Wolf 
Johnny Winter - Raised On Rock 
Johnny Winter - Self Destruction Blues 
Johnny Winter - Stone County 
Johnny Winter - That's What Love Does 
JohnnyNitro - Klamp 
Jon Butcher - 20 Years 
Jon Butcher - here i am 
Jon Paris - Big Big City 
Jon Paris - The Boogie 
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Blues Explosion Man 
Jonny Lang - Leaving to Stay 
Jonny Lang - Missing Your Love 
Jonny Lang - Morning Little School Girl 
JONNY LANG - Second Guessing 
Jonny Lang - Still Wonder 
Jonny Lang - Walking Away 
Jonny Lang - When I Come To You 
Jonny Lang & The Big Bang - I Love You The Best 
Josh Kirkland Band - Blues Fallin` Down Like Rain 
Josh Kirkland Band - Dark Side Of Town (6:04)
Josh Kirkland Band - Goin` Down To Texas 
Josh Kirkland Band - Sugar Please 
Josh Kirkland Band - Tell Me Why 
Josh Smith - I`m Gonna Be Ready 
Josh Smith - The Way You Do 
Josh Smith - Where`s My Baby 
Julian Sas - A Light In The Dark 
Julian Sas - Blues For J 
Julian Sas - Blues For The Lost And Found 
Julian Sas - High And Low 
Julian Sas - I Ain't Afraid 
Julian Sas - I Want Your Love 
Julian Sas - Lost Again 
Julian Sas - Right Thing 
Junkyardmen - Hard As A Rock 
Junkyardmen - Keep on Workin' 
Kara Maguire - Nobody's Clown 
Keb Mo - Gimme What You Got 
Keb Mo - She Just Wants To Dance 
Kenny `Blue` Ray - Goodbye Johnny (For John Lee Hooker) 
Kenny `Blue` Ray - You Were Wrong 
Kenny Neal - Bad Memory 
Kenny Neal - Carrying The Torch 
Kenny Neal - Hoodoo Moon 
Kenny Neal - Outside Looking In
Kenny Wayne Shepard - In 2 Deep
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Be Mine
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Born With A Broken Heart
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Burdens (f. Noah Hunt)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Deja Voodoo
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Let Go
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - One Foot On The Path
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Spank (f. Kid Rock)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Spank (feat. Kid Rock)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Losing Kind
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Never Mind
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Them Changes
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Was
Kentucky Headhunters - Ragtop
Kevin Borich Express - JL's Heavyweight Boogie
King Bee - Juniper Rose
Kingstreet - Baby Please
Kingstreet - Here I Am
Kingstreet - Life's Too Short
Kirk Smithhart Band - Bad For Me
Kirk Smithhart Band - Walkin' Down Your Street
Kirk Smithhart Band - Work For Your Love
Kris Lager Band - 80 On 80
Kris Lager Band - Keep On Movin
Kris Lager Band - Low Down
Kris Lager Band - Meanwhile
Kris Lager Band - Sitting Around Here
LA Groove - Another Chance To Lose
LA Groove - Ashamed of Myself
LA Groove - Call Me Baby
LA Groove - Can`t Be Loved
LA Groove - More Than You Can Chew
LA Groove - Pretty Girl
LA Groove -Don`t Let Me Go
LA Groove -Here I Am (at your door again)
LA Groove -The Way She Loves Me
LA Jones - Stop Now
Ladell McLin - Cold In China
Ladell McLin - Comin At Ya
Ladell McLin - Hooked
Ladell McLin - Stand Out
Laith Al-Saadi - Chains
Laith Al-Saadi - Mystified
Laith Al-Saadi - The Thrill Is Gone
Lance Keltner - Tomorrow Will Come
Lance Lopez - Day Of Dreams
Lance Lopez - Drinkin My Blues
Lance Lopez - Every Dog Has His Day
Lance Lopez - Every Time I Turn Around
Lance Lopez - FOPP (Live)
Lance Lopez - Life
Lance Lopez - Sad Days And Lonely Nights (Acoustic)
Lance Lopez - Shake Joint
Lance Lopez - There Is Love
Lance Lopez - Tricktafied
Larry McCray - Really Knock Me Out
Larry McCray - Run
Laurie Morvan Band - In The River
Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle - Last Chance
Led Zeppelin - Babe I`m Gonna Leave You
Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused
Led Zeppelin - I Can't Quit You Baby
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop
Lee Roy Parnell - Mama, Screw Your Wig On Tight
Lesle West - Baby Please Don't Go
Leslie West - (Look Over) Younder's Wall
Leslie West - Dragon Lady
Leslie West & Mountain - Let Me Outa Here
Lil' Dave Thompson - Out In The Cold
Liquid Groove Mojo - Time Is Running Out
Little John Chrisley - Big Bad Boogie
Little John Chrisley - Disconnected
Little John Chrisley - War Headed Woman
Livin Blues - I Came Home At Night
Livin Blues - This Is The Hour
Livin Blues - Wang Dang Doodle
Lizard - Bring Me Some Water
Lizard - No Tomorrow
Lizard - Travelling Band
Lonnie Brooks - Backbone Man
Lonnie Brooks - One Track Train
Lonnie Brooks - Roll of the Tumbling Dice
Lonnie Brooks - Too Little, Too Late
Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughan - Double Whammy
Lucky Peterson - Changes Your Ways
Lucky Peterson - It Ain't Safe
Lucky Peterson - Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone
Lucky Peterson & Andy Aledort - No More
Lucky Peterson & Andy Aledort - Talk Is Cheap
Luke Mulholland - My Angel
Magic Red - Afternoon on the Moon
Magic Red - Black and White
Magic Red - Pink & Blue
Magic Red & the Voodoo Tribe - April Showers
Magic Red & The Voodoo Tribe - Bad Attitude
magic red and the voodoo tribe - bittersweet
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Lonely Man
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Spider In My Stew

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