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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock

Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 11

Hill Country Revue - Georgia Women 
Hill Country Revue - Let Me Love You 
Hillbillies From Outerspace 
Hitman Blues Band - Come on in My Kitchen 
Hitman Blues Band - Living In A Hurricane 
Hot Monkey Love - Champagne and Reefer 
Hot Monkey Love - Fallin' 
Hot Tuna - Walkin' Blues 
Hot Tuna - Water Song 
Howling Iguanas - Throw It All Away 
Howling Iguanas - Where'd Ya Go 
Hugh Fadal Band - Good Thing Gone Bad 
Hugh Pool Band - Woman I Found Blues 
Hungry John - Bad Men Risin' 
Hungry John - Hey Babe 
Hungry John - Sometimes I Need A Drink 
Ian Moore - Float Away 
Ian Moore - Nothing 
Ian Moore - Rollercoaster 
Ian Moore - Society 
Indigenous - Blues This Morning 
Indigenous - Feel Alright Now (live) 
Indigenous - I Wonder 
Indigenous - Just Can't Hide 
Indigenous - Leaving (live) 
Indigenous - Make A Change 
Indigenous - Rest Of My Days 
Indigenous - Things We Do 
Indigenous - What`s Goin On 
Indigenous - You Turn My World Around 
Jackson Browne - Cocaine 
Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes 
Jackson Browne - Redneck Friend 
Jackson Browne - Stay 
Jackson Browne - The Load-Out 
Jake Andrews - Time To Burn 
Janet Ryan and Straight Up -All My Kisses 
Janis Joplin - Bye, Bye Baby 
Janis Joplin - Trust Me 
Jason Ricci & New Blood - Snow Flakes and Horses 
Jason Ricci & New Blood - The Blow Zone Layer 
Jasper Mills - By Myself 
Jasper Mills - Long Train To Hell 
Jasper Mills - Stormin` & Stompin` 
Javelinas - Illinois Line 
Jay Gordon - Amplifier Blues 
Jay Gordon - Strings Talkin 
Jay Gordon - Voodoo Boogie 
Jay Hooks - Across The Pond 
Jay Hooks - Last Stand 
Jay Hooks - Last Time I Left Memphis 
Jay Jesse Johnson - Can't Give Up On Love 
Jay Jesse Johnson - Wicked Little Heartbreaker 
JD Simo - Capture Me 
JD Simo - Freight Train
JD Simo - One Night Stand
Jeff Beck Rod Stewart - I Ain't Superstitious
Jeff Healey - I'm Torn Down
Jeff Healey Band - Blue Jean Blues
Jeff Healey Band - Confidence Man
Jeff Healey Band - Don`t Let Your Chance Go By
Jeff Healey Band - My Kinda Lover
Jeff Healey Band - River Of No Return
Jeff Healey Band - See the Light
Jeff Healey Band - Shapes of Things
Jeff Liberty and Electric Mud - Love Tears and Joy
Jeff Liberty Band - Keepin` Me In The Dark
Jeff Liberty Band - Suitcase at the Door
Jeff Scheetz Band - Beggars, Rogues and Thieves
Jeff Scheetz Band - Superman
Jeff Scheetz Band - Work, Work, Work, Work, Work
Jeff Scheetz Band-Free My Soul
Jeff Scheetz Band-Guilty
Jeff Scheetz Band-Longest Night of My Life
Jeff Scheetz Band-Work, Work, Work, Work, Work
Jim Crouch - You're Why I Play The Blues
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Cold Light Of Day
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Double Talkin' Woman
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Drunken Hearted Boy
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Long Hot Summer
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Sure as the Sun Rises
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Tijuana Bible
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Church Red House
Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe
Jimi Hendrix - I Don't Live Today
Jimi Hendrix - Jelly 292
Jimi Hendrix - Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues -- Georgia Blues
Jimi Hendrix - Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues - - Country Blues
Jimi Hendrix - Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues  - Midnight Lightning
Jimi Hendrix - Red House
Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower
Jimmie Vaughan - 01-Dirty Girl
Jimmie Vaughan - 08-Robbin` Me Blind
Jimmie Vaughan - 09-Slow Dance Blues
Jimmie Vaughan - Motor Head Baby
Jimmy Bowskill - Rattle Snake Shake
Jimmy Bratcher-Happy
Jimmy D. Lane With Double Trouble - What Makes People
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers - Chained to the Blues Line
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers - Cool Guitars
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers - Fifteen Minutes
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers - Long, Lean & Lanky
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers - Never Enough
JJ Grey & Mofro - Everything Good Is Bad
JJ Grey & Mofro - I Believe (in Everything)
JJ Grey & Mofro - On Fire [1]
JJ Grey & Mofro - Orange Blossoms
JJ Grey & Mofro - The Devil You Know
Joanna Connor - Big Girl Blues
Joanna Connor - Dark End Of The Street - 
Joanna Connor - Forgotten Woman -
Joanna Connor - Good Woman Gone Bad 
Joanna Connor - Heart Of The Blues
Joanna Connor - Sky Is Crying - 
Joanna Connor - Sweet Baby
Joanna Connor - You Oughta Know
Joanna Connor - You Should Be My Lover
Joe Bonamassa - A New Day Yesterday
Joe Bonamassa - Another Kind Of Love (live)
Joe Bonamassa - Around the Bend
Joe Bonamassa - As The Crow Flies
Joe Bonamassa - Asking Around For You
Joe Bonamassa - Bridge To Better Days (live)
Joe Bonamassa - Colour And Shape
Joe Bonamassa - Current Situation
Joe Bonamassa - Dirt In My Pocket
Joe Bonamassa - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
Joe Bonamassa - I Know Where I Belong
Joe Bonamassa - India
Joe Bonamassa - Jelly Roll
Joe Bonamassa - Lonesome Road Blues
Joe Bonamassa - Long Distance Blues
Joe Bonamassa - My Mistake
Joe Bonamassa - Sick In Love
Joe Bonamassa - Story Of A Quarryman
Joe Bonamassa - The Ballad Of John Henry
Joe Bonamassa - When The Sun Goes Down
Joe Colombo - Keep Our Love Alive
Joe Colombo - Mean Town Blues
Joe Colombo - Talkin' About Texas
Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie
Joe Vicino & the Smoke Daddys - Korina
Joe Vicino & the Smoke Daddys - Too Rolling Stoned
Joe Vicino & the Smoke Daddys - Walkin` Blues It Hurts Me Too
Joe Vicino & the Smoke DaddysBig Legged Woman
John Earl Walker - Come Over Here
John Earl Walker - Nightwalker
John Earl Walker Band - Lyin And Cheatin
John Earl Walker Band-People Are Talkin
John Fogerty - Bad Bad Boy
John Gaar Band - Memphis
John Hunt and blues jungle - PLAY ME A SHUFFLE
John Juke Logan-The Truth Will Rock You
John Juke Logan-Walkin With LeRoi
John Lee Hooker Jr. - Dimples
John Mayall - It Ain't Right
John Mayall - Light The Fuse
John Mayall - Parchman Farm
John Mayall - Pieces And Parts
John Mayall - Ramblin' On My Mind
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Fascinatin' Lover

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 12

Alan Price - The House Of The Rising Sun 
Albert King - I'll Play The Blues For You 
Alex Hepburn - Love To Love You 
Amy Kucharik - Hoarse 
Anders Osborne - Louisiana Gold 
B.B.King & Eric Clapton - Key To The Highway 
Backbone Slip - Dangerzone 
Backcorner Boogie Band - I Get High 
Bas Paardekooper - Broken Heart For Sale 
Bill Perry - I Can't See The Light Of Day 
Billy Walton Band - True Lovin Man 
Blindside Blues Band - Blues In My Soul 
Blues Company - Sailent Night 
Bluestrain - Rock The Blues 
Bob Brozman - Lonesome Blues 
Bonnie Mac Band - Get It Right 
Boz Scaggs - Rock And Stick 
Bridget Kelly Band - Nine After Midnight 
Bryan Lee - Early In The Morning 
Buddy Guy - Where The Blues Begin 
Buddy Guy, Buddy Guy - Cognac 
Carlos & Carlitos - Inevitability 
Catfish John Tisdell - Just Slidin' By 
Chad Elliott - Embarcadero Street 
Claude Hay - Narrow Mind 
Cosimo & Co. Blues Band - Blues Is Life 
Craig Hughes - Left To Crawl 
Crow Black Chicken - Epitaph 
Daddy Mack Blues Band - Always Want You 
Danny B. Harvey - House Of The Rising Sun 
David Torn - Voodoo Chile (5:36)
Declan Galbraith - Nights In White Satin 
Devon Allman's Honeytribe - Could Get Dangerous 
Dick Heckstall-Smith - Cruel Contradition 
Dirty York - Thru The Filtered Light 
Dudley Taft - Shanks Akimbo 
Earl Gilliam - Get Away Blues 
Eddie C. Campbell - All My Life 
Eric Culberson - On The Outside 
Eric Lindell - Since June 
Eugene Wareley - I Will Wait For You 
Friar's Point Band - Slippin' Away 
George Thorogood - As The Years Go Passing By 
Gregory Isaacs - House Of The Rising Sun 
Guitar Pete - Found Guilty 
Guitar Pete - Slugger's Row 
Guitar Shorty-Runaway Train 
Guitar Shorty-Sonic Boom 
Guitar Shorty-We The People
Guitarboy - Guitarboy Blues
Gwyn Ashton - I Boogied
Hadden Sayers Band - Johnny Law (live)
Hadden Sayers Band - Sweet Suzanne
Half Deaf Clatch - Big Plans In A Small Town
Hamilton Loomis - You Got To Wait (f. Bo Diddley)
Henrik Freischlader Band - Disappointed Women
Henrik Freischlader Band - No Questions
Henrik Freischlader Band - Not Of That Kind
Henry Correy - Better Off Alone
Henry Correy - Did I Ask Too Much
Henry Gray - I Held My Baby Last Night
Henry's Funeral Shoe - Grown So Angry
Heritage Blues Orchestra - Chilly Jordan
High Iron Posse - Keepin` On
Hornbuckle - Moment In Time
Hozier - Jackie And Wilson
Indigenous - Can't Cry No More
Jack J Hutchinson Band - Get It Back
Jarekus Singleton - I Refuse To Lose
Jay Sewall - I Like It Like That
Jay Whitw - New Flame
Jody Miller - House Of The Rising Sun
Joe Cocker - Up Where We Belong
Joe Cocker - You Don't Know What You're Doing To Me
John Bull Band - Breaking Up Somebody's Home
John Campbell - Love's Name
John Mayall - Telephone Blues
John Mayall - That's All Right
Jon Tiven Group - Laugh
Jonny Lang - Darker Side
Josh Smith - Watching You Go
Jw Jones - Coming After Me
Kal David - Heartache
Karen Carroll - Stormy Monday
Kim Lembo - A Fool No More
King James - Just As I Am
King King - A Long History Of Love
Larry Carner - Another Bad Day
Lawrence Lebo - Bad To The Core
Lewis Hamilton - Candlelight And Sympathy
Lisa Mills - My Happy Song
Lonesome Shack - Wrecks
Mad Shadow - Heavy Blues
Marcus Cliffe - Where Are They Now
Mark Harrison - Georgia Greene
Michael Burks - Icepick Through My Heart
Michael Hill's Blues Mob - Home I Love
Michael Mojo Nilsson - Time Makes Two
Michael Williams Band - Lately
Mike Zito - Death Row
Monster Truck - For The Sun
Mr Black & Blues - Broken Heart Blues
Ori Naftaly Band - Dreamin', Pleadin', Wonderin'
Pat Travers - The Rain
Patti Smith - Gloria
Pepe Ahlqvist - Dont Leave Me Again
Pepe Belmonte - Foolish
Pete Haycock - Sleepwalk
Popa Chubby - I Ain't Giving Up
Projeto Caixa Preta - Resgate
Randy Scott - Kisses Like Cherries
Ray Bonneville - Tender Heart
Renovation Blues Band - All About Our Girls
Robben Ford - I Can't Stand The Rain
Russell Morris - Walk My Blues
Ry Cooder - Feelin' Bad Blues
Savoy Brown - Flood In Houston New
Shaggy Dogs - Simple Lite
Sherman Robertson - I Wonder Why
Sherrit Pruitt - Stay Away From My Man
Shuggie Otis - 1215 Slow Goonbash Blues
Silver Horses - Suddenly Lost
Skiver Bjarnesen Band - Permanently Indebted
Snowy White - Falling
Sterling Koch - I Only Wanna Be With You
Steve Odum - Bring Her Back
Swampdawamp - The River
Terry 'harmonica' Bean - Cheating And Lying Blues
The Blues Broers - Over My Head
The Holmes Brothers - And I Love Her
The Kat - Never Felt No Blues
The Kentucky Linemen - Read Between The Lies
The Swagger Kings - Honey Darlin' Please
The Yellbows - Peanut
Thorbjorn Risager - Through The Tears
Tim Gonzales - Summertime
Tom Attah - How Long Has It Been
Vargas Blues Band - Wild West Blues
Vidunder - Beware The Moon
Vince Converse & Innes Sibun - Rattlesnake Shake
Walter Trout - When Luther Played The Blues
Watermelon Slim - Who's Gonna Pay
Wes Jeans - Five Long Years
Wes Jeans - Here By Me
Wily Bo Walker - When The Angels Call Your Time
Wooden Horse - Mean Old Frisco

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 13

AL BASILE - The Show Must Go On 
BIG HOUSE - Woodstock Nation 
BRAD KELSEY - Nasty Weather 
CHRIS BELL & 100% BLUES - Elevator To Heaven 
DARCY PERRY - Heavy Rain 
Gary Moore - Ain`t Got You 
Gary Moore - Boggie My Way Back Home 
Gary Moore - Cold Black Night 
Gary Moore - Don`t You Lie To Me (I Get Evil) 
Gary Moore - Done Somebody Wrong 
Gary Moore - Drowing In Tears 
Gary Moore - Getaway Blues 
Gary Moore - Have You Heard 
Gary Moore - How Many Lies 
Gary Moore - If The Devil Made Whisky 
Gary Moore - Just Can't Let You Go 
Gary Moore - Mojo Boogie 
Gary Moore - No Reason to Cry 
Gary Moore - Texas Blues 
Gary Moore - That Kind Of Woman 
Gary Moore - Walking Thru the Park 
Gary Moore - Wasn't Born In Chicago 
Gary Moore - You Know My Love 
Gene Hummel - Get Back Home 
Gene Hummel - Need some lovin' 
General Lee Band - Rockin' Till I'm Gone 
Gentlemen`s Blues Club - Dust Broom 
Gentlemen`s Blues Club - Lyndell Shuffle 
Gentlemen`s Blues Club - Shotgun Wedding 
Gentlemen's Blues Club - Dust Broom 
Gentlemen's Blues Club - Long Way to Run 
Gentlemen's Blues Club - Shotgun Wedding (Live) 
Gentlemen's Blues Club - Walkin' Dead 
Geoff Achison - Boy 
Geoff Achison - Crazy Horse 
Geoff Achison - Feel Like A King 
Geoff Achison - Reach For The Sky 
Geoff Achison - The Same Thing 
Geoff Achison & The Souldigger - Natch`l Fact 
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers - As The Years Go Passing By (9:04)
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers - Chance 
GEORGE TERRY - It's Only Make Believe 
George Thorogood - 99 Days In Jail 
George Thorogood - Bottom Of The Sea (Live) 
George Thorogood - Devil In Diguise 
George Thorogood - Dynaflow Blues 
George Thorogood - Half A Boy, Half A Man 
George Thorogood - Hello Josephine
George Thorogood - Howlin' For My Baby
George Thorogood - I Drink Alone
George Thorogood - I Got My Eyes On You
George Thorogood - Move It On Over
George Thorogood - Moving
George Thorogood - Rock Party
George Thorogood - That's It, I Quit
George Thorogood - You Don't Love Me
GIVE BUZZE - Begging for a Light
GIVE BUZZE - It`s All Right with Me
Give Buzze - Try Me
GIVE BUZZE - What Do You Want Me To Say
Glenn Gillis - Maryanne
Glenn Hughes - Don`t Let Me Bleed
Glenn Hughes - I`m The Man
Glenn Hughes - I'm The Man
Glenn Hughes - Life Of Misery
Glenn Hughes - Shake The Ground
Goin Postal Band - Good Day For A Heartbreak
Goin Postal Band - Let Me Be
Goin Postal Band - Mercedes
Goin Postal Band - Time To Move On
Gov`t Mule - bad little doggie
Gov`t Mule - Beautifully Broken
Gov`t Mule - Blind Man in the Dark
Gov`t Mule - Life Before Insanity
Gov't Mule - 30 Days In The Hole
Gov't Mule - Bad Man Walking
Gov't Mule - Banks of the Deep End
Gov't Mule - Brand New Angel
Gov't Mule - Effigy
Gov't Mule - Fool's Moon
Gov't Mule - I Can't Be You
Gov't Mule - King's Highway
Gov't Mule - Lay Your Burden Down
Gov't Mule - Little Toy Brain
Gov't Mule - Monkey Hill
Gov't Mule - Mule
Gov't Mule - My Oh My
Gov't Mule - Raven Black Night
Gov't Mule - Rocking Horse
Gov't Mule - Same Price
Gov't Mule - Soulshine
Gov't Mule - The Ocean
Gov't Mule - Thorazine Shuffle
Gov't Mule - Time To Confess
Gov't Mule f. Davey Knowles - Almost Cut My Hair (live)
Govt Mule-Brand New Angel
Govt Mule-Left Coast Groovies
Govt Mule-Mr. High & Mighty
Govt Mule-Mule
Govt Mule-So Weak, So Strong
Govt Mule-Streamline Woman
Greg Koch And Other Bad Men - Standing On Shaky Ground
Griff Hamlin - Got To End
Griff Hamlin Band - Louisiana Holiday
Griff Hamlin Band - When Evil Comes
Griff Hamlin-All Along The Watchtower (Live)
Griff Hamlin-Dont Lie (Live)
Griff Hamlin-G String ShuffleLetter To My Girlfriend (Live)
Griff Hamlin-Got To End (Live)
Griff Hamlin-Texas Flood (Live)
Groove Hogs - Love Fever
Hadden Sayers - Big Shot
Hadden Sayers - Bring it to Me Slowly
Hadden Sayers - Falling For You
Hadden Sayers - Jonny Law
Hadden Sayers - Pray for Rain
Hadden Sayers - Satin Sheets
Hadden Sayers - Sweet Suzanne
Hadden Sayers - Take A Little More
Hadden Sayers - The Reason Why
Hadden Sayers Band - Carry You Home
Hadden Sayers Band - Cryin For Mercy
Hadden Sayers Band - Down And Out (Of My Mind) (live)
Hadden Sayers Band - End of the Road
MICHAEL POWERS - Baby's Got a Train
RUDY ROTTA - St.James Infirmery
The BARRELHOUSE BROTHERS - Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
The BEAT DADDIES - Delta Vision
The CATE BROTHERS - Yield Not To Temptation
The GALES BROS. - Worried Man
TY CURTIS BAND - Five Long Years

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 14 (Vrhunski Hitovi)

AL BASILE - The Show Must Go On 
American Blues Box - Shake Your Tree 
Backyard Bone - Motorcycle Blue's 
BIG HOUSE - Woodstock Nation 
Big Sugar - Ride Like Hell 
BILLY D & The HOODOOS - Somewhere In The Middle Of The Blues 
Black Pistol Fire - Beelzelbub 
Black Pistol Fire - Show Pony 
Black Pistol Fire - Where You Been Before 
BLEU JACKSON - What Love‘s About 
BLUES COMPANY - Run Your Finger Through My Hair 
BluesTrain - Young Man With The Hat On 
Bluesville Station - Leaving Bluesville 
Bobby Mack - Pourin' Rain 
Bobby Mack - Sooner Or Later 
Bootleggers - Red Nekkid 
Born Broke - Who´s The Blame 
BRAD KELSEY - Nasty Weather 
CALIGATOR - Fool for you 
Canned Heat - On The Road Again 
CHRIS BELL & 100% BLUES - Elevator To Heaven 
Chris Rea - You're Not A Number 
COLIN JAMES - Far Away Like A Radio 
Colin James - Walkin' Blues 
Corey Stevens - Getaway 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through The Grapevine 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Susie Q 
Cymande - Zion I 
DARCY PERRY - Heavy Rain 
Dave Fields - Doin Hard Time 
Dave Hole - Blues Will Call Your Name 
Dave Hole - Up All Night Thinking 
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water 
Dirt Road Logic - Don't You Wanna Go 
ERIC BURDON - Highway 62 
GEOFF ACHISON - Rule The World 
GEORGE TERRY - It's Only Make Believe 
GEORGE TERRY - That Ain't You 
GREGG ROLIE - Ordinary Man 
J.J.CALE & ERIC CLAPTON - Hard To Thril 
J.J.CALE & ERIC CLAPTON - Last Will And Testament 
JAMES SOLBERG - Let The Teardrops Fall 
Jan James - If I Hold On To You
Janis Joplin - Kozmic Blues
Janis Joplin - One Good Man
Jay Gordon - Drippin' Blues
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love
Joe Bonamassa - Boogie Woogie Woman
Joe Bonamassa - Breaking Up Somebody's Home
Joe Bonamassa - Going Down
Joe Louis Walker - Hallways
Joe Taino - Take Me Now
Jr Clark - Married Woman Creepin'
Kara Grainger - Little Pack Of Lies
Kara Grainger - You're The One
KRIS POHLMANN BAND - Heavy on my Soul
Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
Left Foot Sally - Night After Night
Love Sculpture - 3 O'Clock Blues
Love Sculpture - Don't Answer The Door
Mark Easton - My Baby Gets What She Wants
Mason Ruffner - Loaded Down
Michael Katon - Attack Of Badness
Michael Katon - You Love Me Up
MICHAEL POWERS - Baby's Got a Train
MICHAEL POWERS - White Lightning
Monte Montgomery - Love Come Knockin'
Nighthawks - Heartbreak Shake
Omar & The Howlers - World Of Trouble
Omar & The Howlers - Snake Rhythm Rock
Omar Dykes - Everywhere I Go
OSCAR BENTON - Bensonhurst Blues
Pat Travers - Elaine
Pat Travers - Steppin' Out
Peter Green Splinter Group - Hiding In Shadows
Pontus Snibb - Filler
Pontus Snibb - So Crazy You Amaze Me
Pontus Snibb - Tiny Joe
Rev Brown - Hypnotised
RICK DERRINGER - Something Inside of Me
Rob Tognoni - Itty Bitty Mama
Robin Trower - Gold to Grey
Rocky Jackson - Early In The Morning
Rocky Jackson - I Just Want to Make Love To You
Root Hog - So Damn Hard
RUDY ROTTA - St.James Infirmery
Santana - Black Magic Woman
Steve Fister - New Beginnings
Steve Pryor Band - Tearin' Down The Walls
Swampdawamp - My Drinking Song
Tab Benoit - I Smell A Rat
The BARRELHOUSE BROTHERS - Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
The BEAT DADDIES - Delta Vision
The CATE BROTHERS - Yield Not To Temptation
The Charles Ford Band - Black Night
The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
The GALES BROS. - Worried Man
The Giants - Love Me Or Leave Me
The Groundhogs - B.D.D.
The Hamsters - Check Up From The Neck Up
The Not So Good Ol´ Boys - Bad Luck And Sorrow
The Payne Brothers - That Kind Of Pain
The Robert Charles Blues Band - Every Mother's Son
The Steve Miller Band - Can't Be Satisfied
The Steve Miller Band - When Things Go Wrong (It Hurts Me Too)
The White Stripes - I Can Learn
The White Stripes - The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
Tinsley Ellis - Tell The Truth
Todd Wolfe - Black Night
Todd Wolfe - Three O'Clock Blues
Tolo Marton - Rainy Day
Tom Hambridge - Good Teacher
Tom Principato - In The Clouds
Tony Spinner - Ballad Of T.S.
Tony Spinner - I.R.S. Blues
Too Slim & The Taildraggers - Face Up
TOSCHO - Oh Lord
Traffic - No Face, No Name, No Number
Trainwreck - Raining in my heart
Tuff Enuff - Release Me
TY CURTIS BAND - Five Long Years
Vaya Con Dios - Time Flies
Walter Trout & The Free Radicals - Obstacles In My Way (Live)
Walter Trout Band - How Much Do You Want
Walter Trout Band - Say Goodbye To The Blues
Webb Wilder - You Might Be Lonely For A Reason
West, Bruce & Laing - Theme For An Imaginary Western
When Cousins Marry - Shotgun Wedding
Zola Moon - I'd Rather Go Blind
Zola Moon - Love In Vain
ZYDECO PLAYBOYS - Voodoo in Bayon

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 15

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - You Know You're Wrong 
DAVE HOLE - Can't Stop Loving You 
DAVE HOLE - I'll Get To You 
DAVE HOLE - I'm a King Bee 
DAVE HOLE - Rough Diamond Child 
DAVE HOLE - Since I Met You Baby 
DAVE HOLE - Something Inside Of Me 
DAVE HOLE - Think It Over 
DAVE HOLE - Vintage Wine 
DAVE HOLE - White Trash Girl 
DAVE HOLE - Yours For a Song 
Dave Hole - Blues Begins At Home 
Dave Hole - Get A Job 
Dave Hole - He Knows The Rules 
Dave Hole - How Long? 
Dave Hole - Insomniac 
Dave Hole - Jenny Lee 
Dave Hole - Living On Borrowed Time 
Dave Hole - Nobody 
Dave Hole - Out Of My Reach 
Dave Hole - Outside Looking In 
DAVE HOLE - Rambling On My Mind 
Dave Hole - Walk Away 
Dave Hole - You Move Me So 
Doyle Bramhall - I Know 
Doyle Bramhall - Thats How Strong My Love Is 
Doyle Bramhall II - Day Come Down 
Doyle Bramhall II - Green Light Girl 
Doyle Bramhall II - I Wanna Be 
Doyle Bramhall II - I`d Rather be (Blind, Crippled & Crazy) 
Doyle Bramhall II - Snakecharmer 
Dr John - Right Place, Wrong Time 
Ed Vadas and the Fabulous Heavyweights-Putting on the Style 
Eddie Money - Prove It Every Night 
Eddie Turner-Cost of Freedom 
Eddie Turner-Im a Man, Im a Man 
Eddie Turner-Pomade 
Eddy `The Chief` Clearwater - A Good Leavin' Alone 
Eddy `The Chief` Clearwater - Do Unto Others 
Eddy `The Chief` Clearwater - Gotta Move On 
Eddy `The Chief` Clearwater - They Call Me The Chief 
Edgar Winter - Eye On You 
Edgar Winter - Horns Of A Dilemma 
Edgar Winter - Oh No No 
Edgar Winter - The Closer I Get 
Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein 
Edgar Winter Group - Free Ride 
Elf - Carolina County Ball 
Elf - Good Time Music 
Elf - Liberty Road 
Elf - Shotgun Boogie 
Eric Clapton - Bad Love 
Eric Clapton - May You Never 
Eric Clapton - Tell Me That You Love Me 
Eric Clapton - The Core 
Eric Clapton - The Shape You're In 
Eric Clapton - We're All The Way 
Eric Gales - Crystal Vision 
Eric Gales - Freedom from My Demons 
Eric Gales - I Don`t Want You Hangin` Around 
Eric Gales - I Got Me A Woman 
Eric Gales - Insane 
Eric Gales - Just Got Paid 
Eric Gales - Me and My Guitar 
Eric Gales - Old School 
Eric Gales - So Good If You Could 
Eric Gales - Trouble 
Eric Gales - You Ugly 
Eric Gales Band - Paralyzed 
Eric Gales Band - Picture Of A Thousand Faces 
Eric Gales With Derek Trucks - Layla 
Eric Jerardi - My Dog (5:11)
Eric Jerardi Band - Cold Blooded 
Eric Rhodes Band - Working Girl 
Eric Sardinas - Angel Face 
Eric Sardinas - Be Your Man 
Eric Sardinas - Goin` To The River 
Eric Sardinas - Low Down Love 
Eric Sardinas - My Kind Of Woman 
Eric Sardinas - Old Smyrm Road 
Eric Sardinas - Piece Of Me 
Eric Sardinas - Sweetwater Blues 
Eric Sardinas - Write Me A Few Lines 
Eric Sardinas & Big Motor - Burning Love 
Eric Sardinas & Big Motor - This Time 
Eric St Michaels - Nothing But The Blues (live) 
Eric Steckel - Don't Look Behind 
Eric Steckel - Just Walk Away 
Eric Steckel - Tuscany 
Erin Jaimes-Drink Muddy Water 
Erin Jaimes-Fussin & Fightin 
Erin Jaimes-You Had to Go 
Erja Lyytinen - Rollin' & Tumblin' 
Essex Blues Band - Guitar Boy Willy 
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Powerful Stuff 
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Wrap It Up 
Fabulous Thunderbirds - You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover 
Fast Johnny Ricker - Trouble`s Hound 
Fernando Noronha - Baby (Won't You Come Back Home) 
Fernando Noronha - Clap Your Hands 
Fernando Noronha - Come On 
Fernando Noronha - Dive Bomber 
Fernando Noronha - Soul Fixin' Man 
Fernando Noronha & Black Soul - Acid Trip 2000 
Flamin Harry and the Roadhouse - Wild Willie Blues 
FlashFlood - Ease to Please 
Full Circle 2DB - Another Blues Man 
Full Circle 2DB - Blues to You 
Full Circle 2DB - Harlequin 
Full Circle 2DB - My Love Never Meant Nothin' to You 
Full Circle 2DB - Truck on Chuck 
Furious Slugs - What About Love 
Gabby Hayz - Scorn
Garth Webber, Chris Cobb, Dave Goodman - First Come, First Served
Garth Webber, Chris Cobb, Dave Goodman - You Saved Me
Gary D Ward - Chills Me to The Bone
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Bird Nest On The Ground
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Broken Promises
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Car Wash Blues
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Change My Way Of Living
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Compact Man
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Everything I Do Brings Me Closer To The Blues
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Get Out!
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Golden Rule
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - I Wanna Get Married
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Icicles In My Meatloaf
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Independent Superwoman
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - It's A Beautiful World
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Leaving Here
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Maybe Another Time
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Mean Old Frisco
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Midnight Rider
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - My Life, My Love
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Newspaper Blues
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Nobody's Fault But My Own
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Old Oak Tree
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Once In A Lifetime
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Pride And Joy
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - She Don't Love Me
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - She's Fine, She's Mine
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Singing Slide
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Someday
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Standing On The Corner
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - The Cannonball
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - The Monkey And The Rabbit
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Tired Of Crying
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Tramp On Your Street
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Walking The Dog
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Who's Been Talking
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - You Don't Exist Anymore
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - You Got To Stop
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - You Just Weren't There
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Your Love Is Strong
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- As The Years Go Passing By
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- Bobby's Rock
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- Going Shopping
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- My Bleeding Heart
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- Nothing I Woudn't DoL
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- Pet Cream Man
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- Spend Some Time With Me
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- That's The Truth
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- The Ghetto
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- Too Late
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- You Done Me Wrong For The Last Time
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials- You Know You're Wrong

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Mega Hitovi-Blues Rock  CD 16

Bill Perry - Can't Afford To Die 
Bill Perry - Clean Thing 
Bill Perry - Come On In My Kitchen 
Bill Perry - Fade to blue 
Bill Perry - Girl's Gone Crazy 
Bill Perry - Greycourt Lightning 
Bill Perry - Heaven in a Pontiac 
Bill Perry - I ain`t Lyin` 
Bill Perry - Itchin` For It 
Bill Perry - Junkie 
Bill Perry - Take You Down 
Bill Perry - Thinkin' Of You 
Chris LeBlanc Band - Changes 
Chris LeBlanc Band - Good Day Mr Overtime 
Chris LeBlanc Band - Sister, Let The Music Play (live) 
Chris Michie - Eleven Dollar Bills 
Christian Collin & Molasses - Close To You 
Christian Collin & Molasses - Have You Seen My Baby 
Climax Blues Band - Berlin Blues 
Coco Montoya - Fool 
Coco Montoya - Ain't No Brakeman 
Coco Montoya - Beyond The Blues 
Coco Montoya - Can`t Get My Ass In Gear 
Coco Montoya - Can`t Look Back 
Coco Montoya - Can't Get My Ass In Gear 
Coco Montoya - Free 
Coco Montoya - I Need Your Love In My Life 
Coco Montoya - I Won`t Beg 
Coco Montoya - It Takes Time 
Coco Montoya - Its All Your Fault 
Coco Montoya - It's All Your Fault 
Coco Montoya - Same Dog 
Coco Montoya - Same Old Thing 
Coco Montoya - Something About You 
Coco Montoya - Talkin' Woman Blues 
Coco Montoya - Three Sides To Every Story 
Coco Montoya - Too Much Water 
Coco Montoya - Trip, Stumble and Fall 
Coco Montoya--Can`t Get My Ass In Gear 
Coen Wolters Band - Ain`t No Way 
Coen Wolters Band - Devil's Train 
Coen Wolters Band - Holy Water 
Coen Wolters Band - Welcome To A Brand New Day 
Colin James - Why`d You Lie (6:11)
Collins and Hill - Runnin` Circles
Contraband - Around and Around
Corey Stevens - Baby It Hurts
Corey Stevens - Big House Blues
Corey Stevens - Blues Are Here To Stay
Corey Stevens - Crosscut Saw
Corey Stevens - I`ll Play The Blues
Corey Stevens - Only One For You
Corey Stevens - The Brothers
Corey Stevens - The Price Is Right
Corey Stevens - Too Much Fun
Corey Stevens - You Can`t Blame Me
Corey Stevens and Texas Flood - Crosscut Saw
Corey Stevens-A Real Good Sign
Corey Stevens-Another Pretty Face
Corey Stevens-Got To Be Some Changes Made
Corey Stevens-I Get Evil
Corey Stevens-Little Brother (Make A Way)
Corey Stevens-Thats What The Blues Is All About
Cory Wilds Band - Let it be
Cory Wilds Band - Not Here Not Now (Live)
Craig Erickson - Businessman
Craig Erickson - Desperate
Craig Erickson - Driverless Train
Craig Erickson - East Texas Blues
Craig Erickson - Everybody's Business
Craig Erickson - Miracle
Craig Erickson - Tearin` It Up
Craig Erickson - Wealthy Man
Craig Erickson & Rob Lamothe - Walk Away
Crazy Texas Gypsies - Dance Like A Gypsy
Cream - Dance The Night Away
Creedence Clearwater Revisited - Bad Moon Rising
Creedence Clearwater Revisited - Commotion
Creedence Clearwater Revisited - Green River
Creedence Clearwater Revival - SusieQ
Crosscut Saw-I Dont Care no More
Crosscut Saw-Please Mr Engineer
Crosscut Saw-Should I Call You
Crosscut Saw-Smell A Rat
Crosscut Saw-Swamp Thing
Cry Of Love - Bad Thing
Cry Of Love - Carnival
Cry Of Love - Garden Of Memories
Cry Of Love - Peace Pipe
Cry Of Love - Warm River Pearl
Damon Fowler - Sugar Shack
Damon Fowler - Third Rate Romance
Damon Fowler - Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
Damon Fowler Group - Bye Bye Baby
Damon Fowler Group - Riverview Drive
Dan Granero - Keep On Movin'
Dan Granero - My Baby
Dani Wilde - Bring Your Loving Home
Dani Wilde - I Love You More Than I Hate Myself
Dani Wilde - In The Mood
Dani Wilde - Testify
Daniel Barrett - Shadows
Danny Baker Band - Devil Without A `D`
Danny Baker Band - She`s Long Gone
Danny Baker Band - Tumbleweed Woman
Danny Bryant`s Red Eyed Band - Movin` On Back To You
Danny Bryant`s Red Eyed Band - Play To Win (Born To Lose)
Danny Bryant's Red Eye Band - Heartbreaker
Danny Bryant's Red Eye Band - Play To Win (Born To Lose)
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband - Low Down Blues
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband - Twenty One
Danny Bryants RedEyeBand-Days Like This (Featuring Walter Trout)
Danny Bryants Redeyeband-HideawayBring Your Fine Self Home
Danny Bryants RedEyeBand-Last Man Standing
Danny Bryants RedEyeBand-Long Time Coming
Danny Eyer - What Makes Me So Weak
Dave Chastain - Angel Of Love
Dave Chastain - This Ol World
Dave Chastain Band - Rockin' Roulette
Dave Fields - You Don't Know
Dave Hole - Counting My Regrets
Dave Hole - Crazy Kind Of Woman
Dave Hole - Demolition Man
Dave Hole - Going Down
Dave Hole - I Won't Leave
Dave Meniketti - Can`t Do Nothing Right
Dave Meniketti - Loan Me A Dime
Dave Steffen Band - Give Me A Thrill
Davey Lee Goode - Creepin
David Gogo - Bad Faces
David Gogo - Blues Medley
David Gogo - Crawling Back To You
David Gogo - Hit Me From Above
David Gogo - I'd Do Anything
David Gogo - It's My Own Fault
David Gogo - Personal Jesus
David Gogo - Sad & Lonely
David Gogo - She's Alright
David Gogo - Western Coast
Dead Guy Blues - Bad Luck Boogie
Deanna Bogart - Love Funk
Debbie Davies - Bad for Me
Deborah Coleman - Goodbye Misery
Deborah Coleman - Hain't It Funny
Deborah Coleman - They Raided The Joint
Deborah Coleman - Travelin' South
Deeper Blues - Highway 61 Revisited
Delbert McClinton - Shaky Ground
Delta Riders - Trouble
Dennis Jones - Super Deluxe
Dirty Dale - Garbage Man
Dirty Dale - Lost
Disciples Of Sound - Devil's In My Head
Don Griffin - Doing Wrong
Don Griffin - Found Out
Don Griffin - Love Me
Double Trouble - Say One Thing (Doyle Bramhall II)
Downchild Blues Band - Dig Myself A Hole

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