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Gwyn Ashton-Mega Hitovi

Gwyn Ashton-Mega Hitovi
[Image: astonnnnnn.jpg]

Gwyn Ashton-Mega Hitovi CD 1

Gwyn Ashton - B
Gwyn Ashton - Break 
Gwyn Ashton - Castaway 
Gwyn Ashton - Cross Road Blues 
Gwyn Ashton - False Accusations 
Gwyn Ashton - For Your Love 
Gwyn Ashton - Fortunate Kind 
Gwyn Ashton - Get Up, Get Over It 
Gwyn Ashton - Guitar Town 
Gwyn Ashton - I can't be satisfied 
Gwyn Ashton - I Don't Wanna F
Gwyn Ashton - Junior Got a Blade 
Gwyn Ashton - Leaving in the morning 
Gwyn Ashton - Let Me In 
Gwyn Ashton - Little Girl 
Gwyn Ashton - Mad Dog 
Gwyn Ashton - Million Dollar Blues (Radio Edit) 
Gwyn Ashton - One Way Ticket to the Blues 
Gwyn Ashton - Outside Woman Blues 
Gwyn Ashton - Prohibition 
Gwyn Ashton - Secret Agent 
Gwyn Ashton - The sun don't shine 
Gwyn Ashton - Uluru sunset 
Gwyn Ashton- Ain't got time for that stuff 
Gwyn Ashton- Ain't Nobody's Fool 
Gwyn Ashton- Bluz For Roy 
Gwyn Ashton- Co
Gwyn Ashton- Dog Eat Dog 
Gwyn Ashton- Don't Walk, Run! 
Gwyn Ashton- Double crossin' Mama 
Gwyn Ashton- I Just Wanna Make Love To You 
Gwyn Ashton- Meltdown at the Hoo 
Gwyn Ashton- Million Dollar Blues 
Gwyn Ashton- Rest in Paradise 
Gwyn Ashton- The Road Is My Religion 
Gwyn Ashton- Wastin' my time 

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Gwyn Ashton-Mega Hitovi CD 2

Gwyn Ashton - Ain't My Style 
Gwyn Ashton - All Over Now 
Gwyn Ashton - Angel 
Gwyn Ashton - Are You Lonely 
Gwyn Ashton - Back to You 
Gwyn Ashton - Bad Luck Blues 
Gwyn Ashton - Breakin' All The Rules 
Gwyn Ashton - Cold As Ice - (Tribute To Albert Collins) 
Gwyn Ashton - Faded Memory 
Gwyn Ashton - Gettin' Better 
Gwyn Ashton - Gettin' On Down 
Gwyn Ashton - Hot In Here 
Gwyn Ashton - How Can I Leave You (If You're Gonna Come Too) 
Gwyn Ashton - Just A Little Bit 
Gwyn Ashton - Leave That Girl Alone 
Gwyn Ashton - Someone Like You 
Gwyn Ashton - Stop Holding Out 
Gwyn Ashton - The Sun Don't Shine 
Gwyn Ashton - Trouble's Knockin' At Your Door 
Gwyn Ashton - Wanted Man 
Gwyn Ashton - Wastin' My Time (Unplugged Version) 
Gwyn Ashton - Wastin' My Time 
Gwyn Ashton - We'll Find A Way 
Gwyn Ashton - Who's That Co
Gwyn Ashton- Ain't Got Time For That Stuff 
Gwyn Ashton- Bad Luck Blues 
Gwyn Ashton- Can't Get My Way Around You 
Gwyn Ashton- Double Crossin' Mama 
Gwyn Ashton- I Boogied 
Gwyn Ashton- I Can't Be Satisfied 
Gwyn Ashton- Leaving In The Morning 
Gwyn Ashton- Livin' On A Faultline 
Gwyn Ashton- Loaded 6 Shooter 
Gwyn Ashton- Stop holding out 
Gwyn Ashton- Sweet love 
Gwyn Ashton- Take Me Back Home 
Gwyn Ashton- Too Late 
Gwyn Ashton- Train time shuffle 
Gwyn Ashton- Trouble's Knockin' At Your Door 
Gwyn Ashton- Wastin' My Time 
Gwyn Ashton- We'll Find A Way 

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